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Official User Groups

Sam Stable-Masters

Hello fellow operators,

For those who didn't know we offer multiple user groups on our Info-Hub, well we do! The following user groups are applied which relate to your status or group titles in the GTFO groups.

  • GTFO! Operators
  • GTFO! 4 Life
  • GTFO! Bug Basher
  • GTFO! Hub Provider
  • GTFO! Mentor
  • GTFO! Operator
  • GTFO! Staff
  • GTFO! Owner
  • GTFO! Vehicle Creator

 Please contact one of our staff members here on the forum so that we can assign you accordingly if you are assigned to one of the tags that relate to those in our inworld groups. 

For quicker assignment, contact Joan Moleno so she can add you to a user group.

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