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    If you are looking for somewhere to operate your cargo, or a place to get into railroading, or even just a place to live, Bedstraw has a few vacancies and a cool little community. The town is connected by road to route 4 and to route 5 on the Heterocera continent - that's the continent with more road distance than all the others Also linked to the Second Life Rail Road (SLRR) by two switches - one through Amella from the Eastern Branch, and one from the Maritime Branch at Cisthene. And connected to the linden waterway channels up the eastern side, which lead right out through the delta and into Sansara continent as well. We don't have our own runway - but two of our neighbours do and they love visitors! so in all, you can't get much better connected than here Current vacancies : Truck and trailer parking Warehouse with road access and shared rail track use Rail track train storage sidings Townhouses Truck / cargo spaces at Bedstraw Docks Come take a look http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bedstraw/163/56/53 Click a map sign or a rental unit for all the details of what we have, or just IM me and I will send a copy Updates are coming for our expanded spaces into the neighbouring regions, IM me if you are looking for something specific and we can see if it will fit!
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    Latest News : Bedstraw Rail Platform 9 is open for rental 250L per week for up to 200 land impact worth of your train / platform goodies. Bedstraw is connected to both Maritime and Eastern Branch lines of the SLRR, so ideal for exploring, passengers or shifting freight. Come lookie http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bedstraw/133/144/54
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    May I please make a plea for the GTFO! team to publish clear, transparent, and up to date, processes for us to follow? Looking at what we have for HUB requests as a good example. We have -- New HUB Requests. Edit Existing HUB. HUB Removal. Completed HUB Requests. -- sections here on the forums, so we all know where we are with HUB changes. Joan Moleno also sends out Completed HUB requests by Groupnote. But there are other processes that affect GTFO!, Staff, Operators, Vehicle Creators & Modifiers, and HUB Providers, that need the same treatment. The most obvious example is the VAPI processes. If there is a clear process, and every active request or change has a well defined place in the process, everyone knows where they are, and worry and insecurity are removed. It doesn't really matter if a process is complicated, or has a lot of steps, or needs the input of several people, as long as it is clear what the process is, and where each topic or item passing though it is. It's a bit like a Freight Company. If it doesn't know where your package is, it can't answer questions like 'when will it get there?'. This all sounds like a criticism of Cinn, Syler, and their great volunteer team, but it isn't. They are doing a hard job without pay, and I really appreciate every one of them for the fun they give us. I'm trying to help, honest. But 'Shut up Anna' is an acceptable answer.
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    That's the main reason we've not done anything with it yet. We know how pissy LL would be if we gave them a linden equivalent. One thing we can do is have items that are not available anywhere for linden currency. If they're only purchasable with G$, then we should be okay. In any event, we'll come up with something.
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    SL Account name: Karen Kondrad SL Display name: Karen Kondrad Own or rent proposed hub location: RENT (Excalibur Rentals) SLURL of the requested hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Makalu/52/142/78 Requested name of hub to show in HUD: Nauti Girl's Truckstop Second name request in case first is taken or unable to be used: Type of hub (Choose all that apply): Airplanes - NO Helicopters (includes lighter than air) -- Yes - There is lots of room to land Helicopters , Boats - NO Seaplanes (land on water and get to your hub)- NO Road -- Yes Rail -- NO If road, which route: Route 8
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    I was thinking it would add a bit more realism to the cargo loading operation if the cargo started on the ground beside the vehicle and gradually disappeared as it was being loaded. And the reverse for unloading - as each item of cargo is unloaded it would appear on the ground nearby. This would be especially good for vehicles where the cargo is hidden (aircraft etc.) It should be easy to implement, I think. For the user, place a load of cargo on the ground beside your vehicle, call it something like GROUND!1 to GROUND!20, and link it all to the vehicle and the existing CARGO!x items. It would normally be invisible, only becoming visible during the loading/unloading process. It might not be workable for boats, as the "ground" position is different at each port. And of course it would clash with automatic loaders at hubs, but we always have a choice whether to use those. What do people think?
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    I had visited Bedstraw quite by accident a few months back. It's a beautiful locatiion, extremely thought out and planned. I had promised myself a few times that I would return. And here is the perfect reminder!
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    Current vacancy update from the last post : Platform 3 is gone, but there are still tracks to rent at Cisthene Sidings and in the Lower Railyard Other house / warehouse / truck yard space openings still available as above. Additional new space for someone wanting to build their own place is now to rent in our Datana extension, 2208m parcel with road connection, 850L per week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Datana/23/239/65
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    A few new Bedstraw vacancies : Platform 3 in the main rail yard - these don't come up very often so if you are looking for a railroading home like no other, come take a look, 250L a week, 200LI http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bedstraw/82/146/54 Also available is Warehouse 6, which has its own medium truck space, shutter doors, road access, shared railroad platform behind it, and shared helipad. All for 150L a week to be part of the coolest community on the grid http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bedstraw/28/77/61 Town House 6 in our neighbour sim of Cisthene, with road access and car parking space, 350L per week, 300LI http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cisthene/8/122/41 Train storage track at Cisthene Sidings, 250L per week, 200LI http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cisthene/72/42/41 Truck & Trailer Yard spaces, 2 bays per unit fit trucks or trailers to 12 metres, 100L per week, 100LI http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bedstraw/102/62/55 IM me with questions or click a rental unit for the info notecard. Have funz
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    Well, I haven't VAPI'ed the little swan just yet because it would feel a bit cheaty to me to be able to carry 200FU on that tiny thing. So for now, this is my boat although I would like to try a larger one someday so I can do greater distances. Note that neither pic is of me, I stole the pics off the MP
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    Okay, ignore the title, I promise I will never say that kind of silliness again. Anyway, a little/short introduction of yours truly: My name is Fritigern Gothly, I am 49 in RL, but don't look a day over 21 in SL I am currently playing GTFO! using the trial HUD and am enjoying myself a lot. I've found that I don't care about G$ or XP, all I care about is getting the cargo from A to B on time and do it in a boat that I find as comfortable to pilot as possible. My current boat is a Michie Marine water taxi with the Michie Marine Mekong cruiser VAPI (the only MM vehicle in the DB at the moment). I find that the water taxi handles exactly the way I like, both on small canals, as well as on open sea. It's fast but maneuverable at lower speeds too. I am kinda waiting for the whole vehicle and hub resizing thing to be finished so that the I can submit other Michie Marine vehicles (land, sea and air) and have VAPIs created for them as well and not feel bad for piling on the load for the team I hope that one day, I can do some single-package courier work on this cutie. And I mean the vehicle, not the girl! Don't be fooled by looks, this mini jetski is fast and maneuverable, and the view from behind is magnificent!
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    Great to see you on the forum, Friti Looks like you're the fastest pack of gum delivery service on the Blake Seas there
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    Yeah, I named it Lobster Pot Landing, then a month later LL decided to name a region after it! does that make it famous, or just confusing Clicky here for the SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hrosskell/138/67/22
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    Lobster Pot Landing is not on the Lobster Pot sim, its on Hroskell. I just TPd in for a look. Looks nice
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    I may have missed it, but I don't see anywhere to make donations to the running costs of GTFO. It seems to me we owe it to Cinn and Syler to help meet the costs of the GTFO servers and the forum. I'd like to be able to do that in USD, well actually I'd prefer GBP, rather than using L$ which I have to pay Linden Labs extortionate rates to buy. Maybe via paypal?
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    They are useful that's for sure, but to add to what Anna said, they are also quite high on LI, especially if you're only on a smallish parcel. I made my own one to cut down on the prim count a little, also so i cold maximize the size on my less-than-square shaped parcel.
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    Just a thought.....I think it should be mandatory to have gtfo sky markers on every hub. not only does it help to find but it is also helpful to know if a hub has gone away and not been processed the right way. Also .....the marker should be over the hub...this is all I have to say on the matter. jess
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    hi Anna, You notice correctly that new VAPI requests are not as fast as new hubs. There are a number of factors. Moving to the new server was the first step in cleaning up the data for vehicles. Your post helps me realize that I need to write more about the many things we are doing behind the scenes to improve GTFO. We are working toward a semi-automated adding of HUBs and of VAPIs. for now, we have Admin huds to help the few people who help me add data do so more accurately and quickly than I was able to do them by hand previously. I am close to caught up on the new VAPI additions with our old process. We are experimenting with a new process which, if it works will make adding new vehicles much faster. I'll take your gently nudging as a hint and start writing more about the vehicle VAPI process. There is another interview with Luke Flywalker later today (Saturday 1pm SLT) on his radio station. https://www.spreaker.com/show/hit-the-road-jack_1 Listen in and add questions using either the GTFO group or Drivers of SL, or join us at the Satori crossroads party (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Varean/7/28/83) and ask in local. The interview is recorded and will be available for playback, too. Good suggestions, Anna. Thank you for sharing them, Cinn
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    I have a blog I started as a way to advertise the items in my store. But now it is more of a whatever I feel like giving a nod to until the next event I am in and I promote my store again. This month I did GTFO and the Bovine 600. http://ohana.smilesunlimited.net/2019/02/06/i-help-grandpa/
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    cinn can i have my old job back please? sounds like you guys really need help fixing the hud.
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    I just have a question, am not sure.... Do the Hub Owners get to 'see' what has been delivered to them... or the HUD pops-out in any way to announce a 'shipment' has arrived? How do vehicle operators feel.. would you mind if your Name/Vehicle/loads were announced to individual Hub owners?
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    It's definitely something we're going to do. Another thing in a long list of improvements we want to do for you all. ?
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