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  1. Freighter Nation! Post your comments here to give feedback on the newly remodeled Satori Crossroads. (If the comments are negative or hurtful, expect them to vanish!) Questions, comments, suggestions, discussion providing positive critique, healthy discussion, and dialogue are all welcome. SLURL to the Satori Crossroads: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Varean/17/39/83 Come drive around and let us know what you think! Happy GTFOing! Cinn
  2. Cinn

    Name correction

    Good point, Leal, I mis-counted when I did it manually. Changing the name now. Cinn
  3. Cinn

    Name correction

    Hi Leal, Yes, mostly. We need to limit the total number of letters, spaces, and numbers on a hub ID button. The reason for the max number of total letters, numbers, and spaces is if there happens to be a page on the menu with too many buttons with too many letters, lsl (Linden Scripting Language) throws an error and the hud stops working. The simplest way to prevent this is to not have names too long. We set the number at 26 total letters, numbers, and spaces. Many non-alpha characters (symbols) mess with the sql commands. The hyphen is an exception I am willing to risk trying. To make it 26 total characters, what about Blake-Kanto Service Ctr or Blake-Kanto Svc Ctr Let me know, Cinn
  4. Cinn

    Hub Name Change

    Hi Leal, That just fits the new 26 character max criteria. Changing it now Cinn PS From here forward, if you take over a place, we are having the old one come off the records and the new one go on the records as a new hub. the reason for this is to make sure we have the contact information correct and to make sure that the newly set up hub has the types of vehicles the new hub provider wants.
  5. Thank you for posting this, Sam! Here is the URL where you can listen live this Saturday, or go back and listen to the recorded interview later. http://slaviationnetwork.com Luke Flywalker is a great supporter of aviation in SL, and of GTFO! Hope you tune in.
  6. Cinn

    Update MFFKM26K

    Thank you Yorkie, Cindy's business name, mp link, and slurl are in the database now. Cinn
  7. Cinn

    Update MFFKM26K

    Yorkie, You are correct, one location per creator. does Cindy's in world demo location have vendors there for purchase? Cinn
  8. Cinn

    Update MFFKM26K

    Hi George, Thank you for submitting this edit. I've added Cindy's business name, -MFFK-, and her mp link https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/180803 Those will show up in searches for her items now. I didn't see the SLurl you provided to her shop. If you would please, put it in a reply here and I'll add that also. Cheers! Cinn
  9. YOUR SL Account name: Vehicle creator SL Display name: Broken VAPI? (If your existing VAPI is broken, list the VAPI here) Name of vehicle Marketplace link to vehicle Type of vehicle (Choose ONE Airplanes Jet Prop Seaplanes (primarily to land on water) Helicopters (includes lighter than air) Boats Amphib Road Rail Additional comments: *More will be added if needed. Still a work in progress*
  10. Cinn

    NEW Hub Request **DONE**

    DeNasty, The name is changed to "Deadwood". I apologize for the confusion. Cinn
  11. Cinn


    Joan, Is this being removed or is it getting renamed to "Von Bat Cargo"?
  12. Cinn

    Bar Bella

    SLRR Spectacle is now a Road and Rail hub with public access.
  13. Cinn

    Jensen Truck Plaza - need to change URL

    Hello Ellen, The currently, there is no way to make the URL go to a specific parcel. If a parcel is GTFO, then the entire region is GTFO. This is one of the things we look forward to changing soon after the game moves to its new server home. Thank you for your understanding and your patience, Cinn

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