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  1. Hi Lale, Thank you for submitting your request for your land to be used as a GTFO! Hub. Please resubmit your request by copying the form and filing it in, per the directions on the top of the form. Thank you, Cinn P.S. Example of copy to submit request can been seen on the request submitted by Catrìona Bòideach
  2. Therese, please give your house boat region and coordinates to Joan Moleno and we will add your houseboat too.
  3. Hello Freighter Nation! We gratefully acknowledge that GTFO! is far more than a game. It is a naturally growing community of diverse participants. The hundreds of people who have generously shared their land with the GTFO! community for the enjoyment of all. It is the many people to contribute land, vehicles, and more to the larger community of GTFO! participants which makes the entirety possible. It is with grateful acknowledgement that GTFO! exists because of the community that we have written these GTFO! Hub Provider Terms of Service (TOS). While we welcome comments, the TOS remain in effect. GTFO! Hub Provider TOS** 1) GTFO! Hubs will allow access to all* within the constraints of the estate or continent on which the hub resides. *If a GTFO! Hub is on a private estate with rules, those rules apply to everyone coming to the estate to play GTFO! there. *If a GTFO! Hub has a short list of avatars not allowed to access the area, that is acceptable in regards to this TOS. 2) GTFO! Hubs will provide an open rez area which accommodates all types of vehicles for that hub 3) Elevations a) Airport runways will be at 500m or below b) Spaceports will be at 3000m or above c) Exceptions may be requested 4) GTFO! Hubs are for the benefit of the whole GTFO! community. Therefore, GTFO! staff and owners have input into what is considered best use of the hub for the greater GTFO! community and is not at the sole discretion of the land owner. 5) By requesting to have land be registered with GTFO! as a GTFO! Hub, and by continuing to participate in GTFO! as a GTFO! Hub Provider, each GTFO! Hub Provider is agreeing to these GTFO! Hub Provider TOS
  4. Lappet removed as a GTFO! Hub.
  5. Kagurazaka, Thank you for letting us know. I've removed this hub from the list. Cinn
  6. Hi Diamond, That is a GREAT location to start to ease GTFO into Bellisseria. Sometime in September, we should be rolling out an update to the GTFO hud which will put the beacon ON the desired location instead of in the middle of the region. It would be better if we wait until you have the beacon TO your parcel before we turn on your houseboat as a hub. I definitely would like to beta test with your houseboat as a hub, if that's ok with you. That means your houseboat will get added for use with the beta GTFO hud, but will wait until the beacon shows directly TO the parcel before your houseboat is added to the LIVE GTFO database. Cinn
  7. Nighty, We are working on changing where the beacon shows. As Joan said, for now, the beacon only points to the center of the region. Soon, like this fall, we plan to roll out an update to the GTFO hud which will place the beacon at the slurl provided by the hub provider. When we first roll out this feature, only one slurl per region will work. GTFO Staff will be collecting slurl data over the next month. Thank you for hosting a GTFO hub on your land! Cinn
  8. Cian, I am glad you brought this up. GTFO is still going, though between my computer issues and some unresolved server issues, it has been weaker. As you can see, I am back with a healthy computer. I had to do some soul searching when I got back because of this very issue. After some serious self-deliberation, I decided to dig in, revive GTFO, and once GTFO is doing well, make it even better. So why is it still messed up? There are 3 root problems with 2 root causes: 1) The website quit connecting to the database. That is why the vehicle list does not show up. It is also why the hub list does not work. 2) When the server and my computer messed up, I was in the middle of redoing vehicles. There is no simple, clean fix. At this point, I believe the best way out of the vehicle mess is to complete the changes I had started on. Let's come back to this, as it takes more to explain. 3) Sim crossings are having issues. I attend the weekly server meeting hosted by Oz Linden. It is an open meeting, any avatar may attend. Through that, along with a few others, I have been able to contribute a little bit of input for the Lindens who work on teleports and sim crossings. I can't fix sim crossings, but I am doing my part to make sure GTFO is represented at these meetings. I have also volunteered to help collect sim crossing data for the Lindens working on this issue. As they put it, it is still an open jira which they are working on. A highly skilled server and cloud specialist has volunteered to help with the back-end server issues. That person likes to be known as the GTFO server elf. This amazing, wonderful, incredibly skilled server elf is busily working on the back-end issues. When our awesome server elf is done, the website will talk to the database again. That will help a lot. When will this happen? I am learning to quote Oz Linden, "It will be ready when it's ready." About vehicles in GTFO..... Have you ever noticed how incredibly inequitable GTFO is from one vehicle to another? This happens when vehicles are added one at a time with no correlation between other existing vehicles. No ill intent, it simply happens when every record is added manually. The way forward it to make some intentional continuity between vehicles. There are 2 changes to vehicles which were in the works and which some amazing volunteers and I working on. 1) There will be 6 vehicle sizes to replace the existing 3 sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (those who use mesh clothes will recognize the terminology) 2) Each type and size of vehicle has very specific measurement or definition. For example, fixed wing planes are sized according to their wingspan, whereas boats are sized by the length of their hull. These changes allow me to make the playing field equitable between all vehicles. Once this system is implemented, all medium boats will have the same base FU (Freight Unit) value, and will share the same load time. The goal is to make playing GTFO about using the vehicles you like best, not about which give the greatest G$ payout. In order to make this change, the volunteers and I were in the process of updating about 400 vehicle records. We also have to update all the GTFO hubs to match the new sizing. That means updating about 500 hub records. As I mentioned, we were in the middle of updating nearly 1,000 records manually when my computer when down and the server messed up. We now are extremely close to a fixed server and my computer got replaced. There is another reason I have paused the adding of virtually all vehicles to the database. Earlier this year, a handful of vehicle creators came to me asking what GTFO was and how they could add their vehicles to GTFO. Just from those few who contacted me, we would be adding over 1,000 vehicles to GTFO. I realized that for GTFO to flourish, we need a way to automate, or semi-automate the addition of vehicles. Before we attempt to add a huge number of vehicles, we will complete the sizing changes. Then we will add the semi-automated vehicle registration process. But for now, the only VAPIs I am manually adding to GTFO are those for GTFO vehicle creators who have been longtime supporters of GTFO as they roll out new vehicles. So you see, Cian, why I am glad you asked about the health of GTFO. It has been ill, but it is not terminal. GTFO revival is in process, starting with the foundation, the server. Once the server is up to par, you will see things begin to grow again. Hope you hang in there to see it. Cinn
  9. Hi Cian, The update and redelivery will not work from 1.7 to 1.8. This is because of the changes of ownership, moving items that come from me instead of from Rez Gray. In SL, IM me, or Syler, or May, or Ru. there is are GTFO Staff boards where you can leave a message. One is at the HQ building on Bruissac. We will get the current hud to you. Cinn
  10. @naomilocket Thank you for pointing that out. I made the change in the database. It now shows as a seaplane, as it should. Cinn
  11. Hi Catriona, Thank you for bringing thi sup. Any VAPI with X- will no longer work. The X- used to be a "sort of beta test" option. When we moved to the new server, Keif created 3 parallel databases for GTFO. One of them is the full BETA test environment. We got rid of all X- codes as VAPIs at that point. When I can get on SL, I will see what is needed so the vehicle has a current, correct VAPI. Cinn
  12. Want to rez a boat or a medium helo on the new continent? You are welcome to use Port Cinnamon. Open Rez, 10 minute return time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sutherfield/227/165/27 Happy GTFOing! Cinn
  13. Bedos region for sale. Contact Cinn or Syler for details. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bedos/223/139/37
  14. Hello Anna, I'm glad you opened the topic. I apologize for stopping it for a time last night. It was extremely stressful in my rl for a couple of hours and I reacted. I'm glad to see you posting again on the topic. I've spoken with KittenSue. She and I agree that although a forum is not the easiest to use, it will make a list that sticks in date order so she and I can work together to process VAPI requests as they come in. It is my disorganization that gets the work from her out of order. Having the list as posts in the Vehicles section of the forum should help. We will have 2 threads for VAPI requests in the Vehicles area of the forum. One will be for creators to request a VAPI for a vehicle they are making or have made. The other will be for GTFO Operators who own a mod vehicle which they want to see added to the GTFO vehicles database. I will get Dalton's help moving the existing requests from the HELP thread to the appropriate VAPI request thread. And i'll try to keep them in the order requested. I apologize again for closing this thread for a while last night. I will try to not let stress cause me to have knee-jerk reactions. Thank you again for bringing up this topic and for posting again now that it is re-opened. Cinn
  15. Hello Freighter Nation! I share your frustration with the slowness of adding vehicles to the GTFO database. The first thing we are doing today to address this is to separate the VAPI requests into 2 streams. One stream is for vehicle creators. If you made the vehicle for which you are requesting a VAPI, use the Vehicle Creator stream. The other stream is for GTFO Operators requesting a VAPI for a MOD vehicle which you own. Please edit your VAPI request TITLE with either CREATOR or OPERATOR in the title so we know which stream to move it to. Thank you! Cinn
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