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  1. In my previous posting I advocated to use Opengate teleportals to connect GTFO! hubs by allowing transfer of personnel for various purposes between distant hubs. There is an alternative available to the Opengate system in the form of the Alteran Stargate Network. The major benefits of using alteran stargate teleportals are the same as using opengate teleportals, namely group facilitated operator and visitor transfers, promoting hubs through gate website listings and providing a more fun and engaging teleport experience than allowed by landmark and direct map teleports. The primary strengths of the alteran gates over using open gates are better user support and a greater number of available teleportal locations and options. ASN's support and popularity comes with a cost however. The Astria Porta Open Stargate Network was created from the beginning to be a free, open source and mostly distributed system. As such, it is a simpler, more automated, more fault tolerant, more integrated, and is completely free of charge to setup and use. Never the less, both of these systems are not mutually exclusive and some locations have both systems installed and in use. So, to those who are considering the alteran alternative for connecting their GTFO! hubs, I will offer some information on how to get started using the ASN teleportals below by highlighting the differences from opengate teleportals and offering ways to get around any perceived limitations that I have found while using them. Getting an alteran gate - Unlike opengates, alteran gates do not vend free stargate teleportal kits. You can, however, get free alteran stargate kits from Subnova by either going to the Alphafox website and requesting one from this address: http://www.alpha-fox.com/asn/get/ or by visiting the Space Station gate room in second life at: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/eternal%20calm/131/163/3105/ and obtaining one from the vendor on the opposite side of the gate room. Setting up your alteran gate - Setup of an alteran gate is similar to setup of an opengate. The full process is well documented in the online manual at: http://www.alpha-fox.com/resources/asn/manual/ There are some differences though. First - you must place your alteran gate facing north instead of east for opengates. Next - because alteran gates have two different dialing networks (milkyway and pegasus) that support only one direct address dialing type per region, you should consider looking up in the website gate directory at: http://www.alpha-fox.com/asn/db/ first to determine if another gate exists with in it already. Unlike opengates, the alteran gates do not support teleport between gates of the same type with in the same region. If your region already has an alteran gate present, then you should choose a gate type of the opposite addressing method to avoid confusion and provide maximum function for your gate. Otherwise, you will need to either rename your gate from the default and/or set an alias to distigush your new gate from others in the region, and then must gate teleport outside the region first to get to your new gate of the same type that currently shares that region with any another of that same gate type. Dialing your alteran gate - Unlike opengates, alteran gates do not offer a direct means to determine a unique gate address from the gate itself, one must use the gate website directory to obtain one. Also, because alteran gates support two different dialing networks the normal addressing methods may not always work either. I have found that the only unique and totally reliable way to dial an alteran gate is to use its gate ID as listed in the website gate directory. Also, because the open chat dialing funcion maybe shut off on alteran gates, one may be forced to use the /123 chat channel to get the gate to respond to a dialing command. For example, to dial GTFO! HQ's gate you would state in chat /123 /dial PVE-416 which would open a portal to the alteran folding gate at the top of the GTFO! HQ building. Teleporting using an alteran gate - Both opengates and alteran gates support manual map teleport by clicking on the event horizon displayed by an active gate and also support automatic teleport using viewers that support RLV or teleport agents such as the latest versions of the Linden and Firestorm viewers combined with worn teleport items attached. However, unlike opengates, which vend the automaphud teleport attachments directly, you must chase down an RLV relay or compatible teleport hud separately to automatically teleport with an alteran gate. There is a very good auto teleport attachment called "TP relay hud" that is completely free, opensource, full perm and works equally well with both opengates and alteran gates available on the second life marketplace here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TP-relay-hud/3818046 To use this item, simply attach it to your avatar using either the add or wear functions, give it permission to teleport when asked and then toggle between its three modes of No Teleport (Red), Authorized Teleport (green), and Automatic Teleport (orange) as desired by clicking on the hud icon. When active, automatic teleport occurs when passing through the event horizon of a dialed and active gate. Because its just a screen hud, no rez zone is needed to attach it, unlike the Automaphud. But be aware that opengates act slightly differently when automatic teleport is used than alteran gates do. Opengates teleport the very moment an avatar touches the surface of the event horizon. Alteran gates must be fully passed through to activate a teleport. This means an open gate can be completely solid or built into a solid wall and still function as long as the event horizon is exposed for contact. Since an alteran gate must be passed through to activate automatic teleport, it must be hollow or phantom, and also must have a passable space behind it to function. GTFO! Hubs with existing alteran stargates - Here is short list of alteran gate IDs for GTFO! hub locations that have owner supplied stargate teleportals already installed: GTFO! Head Quarters Building (Brussiac) - PVE-416 Graven Hearts Airstrip (Nautilus - Gisco) - PV9-418 GoA Jormundgandr (Jormundgandr) - PVM-443 Amella St-Morning Wood (Amella) - PS2-3FF GoA Immaculate (Immaculate) - PRT-3E7 Happy Hopping.
  2. I did some further research on the Alteran gates and found that, as well as the RLV auto teleport, the wearable automaphud objects given out by the Open gates will actually work and provide automatic teleport upon passing through the Alteran stargate teleportals. They did not seem to be that reliable doing so. however, often failing after a few teleports and having to be detached then reattached to resume function. The Open gates did not seem to suffer from this issue, with the automaphud objects continuing to function until being detached or logging off. Never the less, that means that both or either gate systems can be used as desired for connecting the GTFO! hubs together for personnel and small attached vehicle transfer only.
  3. Update: I took a look at the Alteran Stargate Network and found the Alteran gates require you to click on the event horizon and use the map tool to teleport. This makes them less intuitive to use and hinders group teleport. The Opengate Network will tell you the location link if the avatar touches the event horizon, even if the Automaphud object is not worn, and of course is totally automatic for teleports with the automaphud object worn. This makes me favor the Opengate Network for group use. The gates from each network are not mutually exclusive , however, and can be setup back to back or near each other. Both will respond to dialing commands but only one will open a portal for a given location. The Alteran Network does have one advantage for GTFO! hub use that the Opengate Network does not. There is an Alteran stargate located in GTFO! headquarters in Bruissac already. It is located under the dance floor of the roof top garden of the main GTFO! HQ building at the very top of the hightest tower. This gate rises up out of the dance floor when dialed or dialing is done. You can use /dial PVE-416 to get to it from any other Alteran gate on the network listed here: http://www.alpha-fox.com/asn/db/ But, you do have to teleport from the map tool after clicking the event horizon to do so. Good luck.
  4. I wish to make a correction to my original post. The Alteran Stargate Network is in fact still active, and actually has more gates and features but it seems to be more proprietary and more closed than the Astria Porta Open Stargate Network. If you are interested, you can check out the Alteran Stargate Network's website for more information at: http://www.alpha-fox.com/
  5. As already pointed out by others, the void sea sims that separate the various mainland continents are the greatest obstacle to all regular vehicle transport roleplay activities, including GTFO! But, although GTFO! cargo operations can not be carried out directly by means of teleport either, I would like to propose the use of stargate style teleportals to better connect GTFO! hubs by transfering drivers for GTFO! events such as hub crawls and to promote visits to those hubs for any other activities they may be supporting, such as passenger transport services or other forms of role play. The old original SL Alteran stargate network closed down a while ago, however, it was replaced by the Astria Porta Open Stargate Network which is free of charge for both gate equipment and gate hosting. Why not just use regular SL landmark teleports instead? The stargates have a few advantages over LM teleports. First, they facilitate group teleports by allowing a number of avatars to gather on one location, then all enter and jump to a predetermined destination. Second, they help promote the locations that host them by providing listings of specific destinations with in the network. And lastly, they are much more engaging and fun to use than to just using a landmark for teleportation and so encourage exploration, just as GTFO! does. Getting and hosting an opengate teleportal is easy. Simply go to any gate location on the gate list web page at: http://opengate.ma8p.com/list.cgi and click on the gate there. You will then get a menu that includes an option to get a gate. Simply select that option and it will send you a gate kit for free. Then create a small rez zone parcel on your land with a short 2 minute autoreturn so that your gate travelers can wear the automaphud object that allows telports to work just by walking into the gate. Then set up your selected gate (facing east if possible so incoming avatars are facing the right direction) on the parcel according to the instructions on the opengate main website at: http://ma8p.com/~opengate/ and the gate should show up in the gate list and be ready to use.If the gate needs to be updated before use, then a bot avatar should appear to do the update and then leave after the update is completed. Gates work best if sunk into the ground or a set of stairs a bit so you do not trip over them and also you may need to phantom the gate to allow avatars to pass through it, if the gate you choose is not a hollow model. Now you just copy and paste an address from the gate list after typing a dial command and a space like /s or /d or /dial into local chat and hit enter. The gate dials and opens an event horizon texture. Now just walk up and into the gate. If you are wearing the automaphud teleport is automatic. If not, you will be given map coodinates and can teleport from your viewer's main map tool. The portal closes by itself after a few moments on both ends and that's it, you and your party are there. Currently the Amella-Bedstraw GTFO! hub complex is serviced by a gate hosted by Yorkie Bardeen where the railroad tracks cross over route 4 in Amella, Heterocera. The website map location for that is: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amella/176/236/69 So, there you have it, if enough GTFO! hubs provide opengate (stargate) teleportals, then those pesky void regions are mitigated and your GTFO! hub is just a wormhole away from all those who wish to travel to it by foot or a small attached vehicle. So, what are you waiting for? Its fun, its free, its easy, it works and its available. It will drive traffic to your location and even works on rented land if you have script and build rights there. See you on the other side.
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