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  1. Yes... inter-continental traveling with GTFO! isn't possible, mostly must keep jobs within same continent. Those void sims don't show well on World Map.. but can see them and navigate around. Even Blake Sea has some void sims.. that I've run into by surprise. The mini-radar 'sometimes' show restricted areas red (best) but grey (as usual). If I'm flying (LUV my R-22 copter!!!! BTW.. with floats)… I'll follow the main Routes to avoid surprises. Here's a picture of my 'setup'... I dedicate ALOT of space to maps (when driving/flying).. but is nearly a MUST in order to navigate all the STUFF (not counting those MASSIVE towering builds/skyboxes too!)
  2. It's difficult, at best... an SL challenge! I study World Map 'really close'.. but that doesn't get it always. You can pretty much bet that if the road 'ends' on World Map.. it ENDS inworld. But then World Map doesn't show roads inside sims/regions that are on hub's property and off main route. One I found difficult was New Horizons... you need to FIND way to marina that UNDERNEATH airport. There isn't a road entrance to the airport.. at the airport level. I do inworld 'scouting'/finding with a Jeep.. it's very agile and fun to drive. At New Horizons I can 'fit' it through security gates and even thru doorways!! I've driven it off-road too.. works well for that.. outside of standard blockages... steep terrain, ban lines and orbs. I keep World Map UP on screen when driving (shrunk and off to side) as well as Mini Radar (set to show property lines). With no inworld GPS... it's rough!!
  3. TechDave

    Mo Gas Garage & Storage.JPG

    Open 24/7 with lighted helipad.. if you dare! Rural area on Route 10, Bertha Benz Memorial Drive. If pad precision is a little too tough... there's nearly 60K sqm abandon land adjoining in region. Even a bush plane can get down on 'em! Drop by to see how Mo does Freight out on the farms!
  4. As a 'third choice' for a second name, this is OK too.... Highlands Garage and Storage
  5. SL Account name: Techdave Resident SL Display name: Davy Lee Knewlz Own or rent proposed hub location: (Private estate land must have land manager approval) Own SLURL of the requested hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ge/98/200/115 Requested name of hub to show in HUD: Mo Gas Garage Second name request in case first is taken or unable to be used: Last Chance Motors Type of hub (Choose one or more): Helicopters (includes lighter than air) small Road, small to medium trucks If road, which route: Route 10 If airport, what altitude: (Must be under 500 meters) 115 NOTAM (comments): no helo pad lighting
  6. Good flight haul here.. tho I do use only a small plane still (am somewhat of beginner... if I can say that at Level 10!) Mostly over water - nearly along beach of inland water... so there's not many obstructions (or ban lines) about. Unity AP & Road Hub to Wright Brothers AP
  7. This is one I found today, was a nice drive in my Bovine . Was looking for a good route for it. ZZR - Somdari Station Route 9A to Paradise T Jeogeot There are several GTFO Hubs there near ZZR Station, take your pick!
  8. Putting this Topic in here.. and adding a couple of mine that I've found recently. Add (and discuss) other favorites, I'm always searching for those Good Hauls.
  9. It's a Jeep from Larsson Logistics. There's one on display at her shop at GTFO! HQ I LIKE it.. it does GREAT with off-roading. I had requested a copy in yellow.. since I have a RL yellow Jeep, and she did it for me!! (so good customer service too)
  10. I've been attempting to travel Rt 8... to west (I believe)… just after the right turn off road that comes up from GTFO HQ. There seems to be an invisible prim that's blocking the road, I can't even WALK past the spot on right side road. On off left (and well onto shoulder) I can get around it. It's just before a Sim Crossing and Rez Zone, vehicles definitely will not 'power thru' it. I tried a couple things, though could not 'see it.. can only 'run into it'. I didn't know where else to put this, in forum.. so I stuck it here!
  11. Just wondered since I did notice others at a Hub as I unloaded. I didn’t greet them and hate to say promptly drove off to another destination. yes, some may not care to be identified, but even leaving a ‘name’ off, all other data would be interesting to know. Opt-in would be good, or maybe some kind of aka ID... i’ll take Freight Dawg for my Aka!! Soon I’ll check to see if I can get a new picture here for forum.. so others may recognize me and my rig in-world, as runnin’da goods!! I did pass another truck on road too, we were too darn busy trying to avoid running over each other rather than offering any kind of friendly greetings!!
  12. I just have a question, am not sure.... Do the Hub Owners get to 'see' what has been delivered to them... or the HUD pops-out in any way to announce a 'shipment' has arrived? How do vehicle operators feel.. would you mind if your Name/Vehicle/loads were announced to individual Hub owners?
  13. New driver here.. still using Demo. Tho am wondering, can we see our Stats in this forum.... or elsewhere while logged out of SL?
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