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  1. Anna

    Ogilvie, Satori

    SL account name: anna2358 SL Display name: Anna SLURL : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ogilvie/133/31/63 Reason for removal: (Owner removal or player discovered location no longer there) Owner removing GTFO from site. *More will be added if needed*
  2. I've had these in my parcels too. Can't see what harm they do, and maybe they help. I also have an object that interacts with Triple Peccable's Ban-Line HUD system. It's there to get the info displayed by the HUD faster while reducing the script load. I'm all in favour of this stuff on a voluntary basis. You're welcome too.
  3. SL account name: Anna (anna2358) to Barcona (barcovail) SL display name: SLURL of hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Martindale/103/150/32 Reason for edit: (Name change / updating size or type of vehicle / ect.) Change of Parcel Owner.
  4. I have decided to sell my small parcel at Martindale. It is ideal for someone who wants a sea access, but it is an odd shape. 351 prims available. It is currently a GTFO! Hub. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Martindale/97/155/22 L$2500, but open to negotiation. Anna.
  5. SL account name: Anna2358 SL display name: Anna SLURL of hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Martindale/97/156/22 Reason for edit: The name is Sailor's Fancy (or Sailors Fancy) and not Failors Fancy. Thanks.
  6. SL account name: No idea. MY SL display name: Anna (Anna2358) SLURL of hub: Somewhere in Martindale/Jeogeot, parcel used to be called Port Bahia 4. Reason for edit: Everything except my parcel and 2 banline parcels have gone up for sale/rent. The parcel name Port Bahia 4 has disappeared. I don't want to lose the GTFO HUB here, and I can't tell from the visible database, or anything on the ground, where it is supposed to be. If no one is actually providing a HUB, then I will take it on, but my warf is only small, and I don't have much LI here so it's not ideal - Seaplanes and Medium ships maybe. My parcel's SURL is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Martindale/97/156/22
  7. I may have missed it, but I don't see anywhere to make donations to the running costs of GTFO. It seems to me we owe it to Cinn and Syler to help meet the costs of the GTFO servers and the forum. I'd like to be able to do that in USD, well actually I'd prefer GBP, rather than using L$ which I have to pay Linden Labs extortionate rates to buy. Maybe via paypal?
  8. May I please make a plea for the GTFO! team to publish clear, transparent, and up to date, processes for us to follow? Looking at what we have for HUB requests as a good example. We have -- New HUB Requests. Edit Existing HUB. HUB Removal. Completed HUB Requests. -- sections here on the forums, so we all know where we are with HUB changes. Joan Moleno also sends out Completed HUB requests by Groupnote. But there are other processes that affect GTFO!, Staff, Operators, Vehicle Creators & Modifiers, and HUB Providers, that need the same treatment. The most obvious example is the VAPI processes. If there is a clear process, and every active request or change has a well defined place in the process, everyone knows where they are, and worry and insecurity are removed. It doesn't really matter if a process is complicated, or has a lot of steps, or needs the input of several people, as long as it is clear what the process is, and where each topic or item passing though it is. It's a bit like a Freight Company. If it doesn't know where your package is, it can't answer questions like 'when will it get there?'. This all sounds like a criticism of Cinn, Syler, and their great volunteer team, but it isn't. They are doing a hard job without pay, and I really appreciate every one of them for the fun they give us. I'm trying to help, honest. But 'Shut up Anna' is an acceptable answer.
  9. Thank you, Cinn and Syler, for re-openning the thread, so that I can explain myself. It was not my intention to invite controversy, or to annoy anyone. I just wanted all those who had posted here after your invitation to know that they also had to tell Kittensusie Landar. With respect that was not made clear in your opening message 'Vehicle request format'. I meant no criticism of you, or Kittensusie, you are both working as hard as you can for us all to enjoy GTFO! If anyone felt aggrieved, please accept my apology. I'm going to post in the Suggestions about clear Process documentation.
  10. Only trouble is, they screw with SL mapping, just like all the other damned sky signs. At least they are not as bad as the Region covering ones usually.
  11. This thread is being not being monitored by Kittensusie, you have send her the info in a notecard, and be prepared to rez the item at her place. Hope this helps anyone who has been waiting. Anna. This is from KSL: --------------------------------------------- I've just been on the forum for the first time in ages (I don't *do* forums normally), and saw a number of requests for VAPI's. After Keif created a neat HUD that helps to sort out the VAPI's, I do need to be able to sit in the vehicle, so just looking at it on MP is no longer good enough, it needs to be rezzed on my platform and Guested so I can check it out Please send me a notecard if you have a vehicle that you want done, I can then contact you to arrange things Thank you, KSL. -----------------------------------------------
  12. I think this is an excellent idea for a 'stop gap' solution, and also as a way for designers to test their products before release. I am currently working on a large helicopter that I have no intention of selling (Customer Care is for the Byrds), but would like to use it in GTFO when it's done. Right now that means waiting 3 months for Cinn to catch up (not a criticism Cinn, just an observation of the complexities you face) Can we add: GTFO!Amphib01 : for hovercraft and other road/water craft etc
  13. Oh I got one as well. But you need to keep it in proportion is what I mean.
  14. But remember that those big sky signs means that SL mapping can't see what is under it. Daft idea IMO.
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