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  1. So they are still out there visiting places. Were you able to work anything out with them? I personally don't care if someone pulls into my store or park they are not hurting anything, as long as they don't spam others.
  2. I get this a lot when crossing sim lines GTFO! Hud v1.8.3 FULL - LIVE server: Vehicle Disconnected from GTFO! App. When I arrive I have to exit the vehicle and get back in to restart it
  3. Got a notice of Griddata02 visiting my store today.
  4. Nice place, the only thing I see that could be improved at the moment is the return time. It is set for 10, I stepped out of my truck and came on here and my truck was returned in that time.
  5. Just a note of caution when flying. The sim where Von Bats is Cocilla is ok by the road but DLabs has ban lines on both side of the SLRR. I was following the railroad in my chopper and hit the lines.
  6. You are right across the street from my Helipad in Saggittata.
  7. I have a blog I started as a way to advertise the items in my store. But now it is more of a whatever I feel like giving a nod to until the next event I am in and I promote my store again. This month I did GTFO and the Bovine 600. http://ohana.smilesunlimited.net/2019/02/06/i-help-grandpa/
  8. I was hauling in my Bovine 500 today. I got Furki'd. I stopped, the truck kept going. I found it 4 sims away off the road. This isn't the first time that rest area has stolen a vehicle.
  9. SL Account name: rockheaven Resident SL Display name:Rock Heaven (My big) Own or rent proposed hub location: Own SLURL of the requested hub:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gormthoog/57/90/37 Requested name of hub to show in HUD:Doc Rock's Clinic MAX 26 characters (letters, numbers, & spaces only) Second name request in case first is taken or unable to be used:Community Clinic Type of hub (Choose one or more): Road Helicopter If road, which route: 14 NOTAM (comments):Payphone, Helipad 150 Feet, Parking, Free Suckers from Gumball machine.
  10. I make kids cars myself, but I would love to do a courier job on my Senior Citizen Scooter I put together (from a kit, but full perm resale)
  11. How do they work? Is there anything inworld that has to be done or deeded? Or is it all run through the system. I do know from playing now that it takes the whole parcel. I asked the place where I rent and they wanted to know.
  12. I own a Motorcycle but i got it from a drive. It is on Marketplace for $1 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Wild-Bill-Johnson-Tribute-Motorcycle/15770664
  13. So what are the best vehicles for GTFO? I have 2 Bovine trucks, a motorcycle, a jeep, and the Cheer Master Helicopter. I am looking to add another helicopter that is easier to fly, I like the helicopters I fly for fun from Spijkers & Wingtips as they are easy to fly but not GTFO. A search for GTFO aircraft only brings up planes.
  14. Never mind looks like someone bought the city behind me and build a GTFO gas station there. I can load from my store for the gas station. The only other property I have is a clinic http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gormthoog/57/92/38 i don't know how that would work unless you picked up and delivered meds for me.
  15. I tried to go from one continent to another with a plane and wound up hitting the edge of the world every way I went. So much for following the arrow.
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