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  1. Ven the meerkat

    Shark Hub

    hmm cant edit my last post, sorry all had to clean out the parcel on the south side of the tracks
  2. Ven the meerkat

    Shark Hub

    i been trying to figure out to do with the parking lot at my place, was thinking a house but could put pads there instead for gtfo. was also thinking of a runway above the courthouse. EDIT: 3 pads are in at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shark/76/43/80
  3. Ven the meerkat

    Shark Hub

    but i dont own land in ranuculus, im just saying theres access from that road into the shark sim
  4. Ven the meerkat

    Shark Hub

    Shark also now has road access via shark town.
  5. Ven the meerkat

    Ongoing text spam

    cinn can i have my old job back please? sounds like you guys really need help fixing the hud.

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