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  1. We are having our second live discussion this Saturday, February 2nd at 1:00 PM with Luke Flywalker where he will be interviewing our very own Cinn, Syler, and Keif, so listen in! Also we would like you to ask any questions or list anything that you'd like to hear about during the interview that relates to Get The Freight Out! You may post your questions or topics that you'd like them to discuss below. Disclaimer: We may not be able to discuss every question or topic that is posted but you are welcome to message Cinn, Syler, or Keif privately inworld or on the forum for further discussion. They will then get back to you when possible.
  2. Sam Stable

    Inactive Hubs - GTFO

    The inactive hub format has now been replaced with the removal format. You can find this here before submitting it here.
  3. Happy Holiday's Get the Freight Out Community - Have a safe one 🙂

  4. Sam Stable

    Suggestion : Creator News Section

    This has now been implemented
  5. Sam Stable

    Introduction: Keif Denimore

    Welcome @Keif Denimore as we are excited to have you on the team! Hope to be working with you soon as well
  6. Sam Stable

    Hub Announcements in Group

    I've gone ahead and notified @Joan Moleno on this as it is her job to add/update hubs at GTFO! But we much appreciate everyone's thoughts ?
  7. Sam Stable

    Suggestion : Creator News Section

    This is rather ideal but let's see what @Syler and @Cinn think of this? ?
  8. Welcome welcome! ?

  9. Sam Stable

    VAPI Submission Section

  10. Sam Stable

    Ongoing text spam

    Thank you for reporting this issue! I'll go ahead and tag @Cinn and @Syler Hope to have it fixed in due time! ?
  11. Sam Stable

    Introduction: RoxyCyn

    Welcome to the community! Glad to have ya @RoxyCyn!
  12. Sam Stable


  13. Sam Stable


  14. Sam Stable

    How to Apply for New Hub?

    This is something I've been looking into setting up myself, I'm still attempting to figure out a format to use on a thread or so. As Syler said, we will keep everyone updated once Cinn get's settled and when a solution is found.

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