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  1. I want update my hub Lily Airfield for Lily airport, and update for allow people do GTFO with helicopter, boats and cars...I did a new acess to airport by car/trucks, and put more rez zones for aiplanes, helicopter,boat and cars...I want do jobs with all vehicles in my airport just working small airplanes. Check -> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lily/173/20/68
  2. SL Account name: Sblaim Resident SL Display name: Sblaim Szymar Own or rent proposed hub location: (Private estate land must have land manager approval) Group Owner Raymaker lands management (I am manager all sims) SLURL of the requested hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lily/94/134/22 Requested name of hub to show in HUD: Lily Airfield - Sansara Continent MAX 26 characters (letters, numbers, spaces, or hyphens only) Second name request in case first is taken or unable to be used: Lily Airfield (Sansara) Type of hub (Choose all that apply): Airplanes, helicopters, boats, seaplanes, road, rail. Airplanes Helicopters (includes lighter than air) Boats Seaplanes (land on water and get to your hub) Road Rail If road, which route: route for all sides Sansara continent (Public lidens street) If airport, what elevation: 20 NOTAM: 2 runways small - 18 -> 36 (N to S) | 27 -> 60 (W to E) rwy elev 20 Landing 18 Take off 36 rwy elev 20 Landing 90 (East) Take off 27 (West) registration "on hold" for the new sizeing ! Comments: One the most oldest continent and sims around in sl, and people can explore old sims by members from lidens, historics, sims where had years ago teensecondlife...universities,etc. *More will be added if needed. Still a work in progress*
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