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  1. Hi, Grumpy and welcome to GTFOing If I get out East from Billy Bob's in my Sky Crane and see you I'll give you a wave
  2. I posted the same problem with Morning Wood (twinned as a HUB with Amella Road & Rail.) Hopefully they will fix them!
  3. Acacia is a protected water region and looks like it should have been a drop zone. It's probably just an error. My advice in group chat still stands. If you have not made a delivery to a place before, check the route before taking the job. The system is not able to validate path-finding at all.
  4. I can load up at Morning Wood (Amella region) but cannot make deliveries there. Tried in (vehicles that should be eligible) Hunter X-Stol Tiger Cat TCX-2 ZSK LJ45XR Shergood S-64 Skycrane AMOK C-130 Infinity Cabover Infinity Freight Train
  5. I personally like the Infinity Enterprise Barge, and the Marlin catamaran by Rubber Bunny for small-medium water deliveries. The Infinity Barge works with GTFO out of the box, and the Marlin can be set up very easily to do so. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Infinity-Enterprise-Freight-Barge-v12/12354966 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/marlin-catamaran-boxed/9283965 If you would like to get started in something without spending L$ on it, I can also suggest the Michie Marine Mekong Cruiser, which is free. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Michie-Marine-Mekong-Cruiser/8122517 I'm happy to help set any of them up for GTFO if you would like to contact me, or posting in the Get The Freight Out group in-world usually will get you some helpful replies.
  6. When I submitted my hub requests the sizes were per type (eg, very large helo, medium plane). If you put all your thoughts into the hub request I think they can figure it out. Someone should come and check the facilities.
  7. Dun Wafflin in Welby Corner can offer a rez spot for small boats, seaplanes and helis. About 80LI or so with a 10 minute return. Cheers! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Welby Corner/7/192/22
  8. Great to see you on the forum, Friti Looks like you're the fastest pack of gum delivery service on the Blake Seas there
  9. Nice to see you in GTFO, May and hope to check out your place soon.
  10. It's all old quantities from the before times. FU are being updated so that part is moot. Overheads are currently not applied and probably going to be standardized the same as FUs.
  11. Name: Yorkie Bardeen SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wood Blewit/226/7/21 Reason: Land is sold and now private.
  12. It's really easy. You just make amphibious vehicles eligible for both kinds of hubs and you loop the list append for as many eligible criteria as you need (two currently but may as well make it future-proof). you can include the hub type in the returned text so you know beforehand whether you're going to be landing wheels down, or splashing down. (W)Half Hitch, (L)Hollywood Airport etc. etc which means you can get both options for a place, or you can drop duplicates and let players figure out which way they'll land.
  13. My policy with helipads is: If it's flat enough and there's enough room for the spinning blades of death- it's a helipad.
  14. The C-47 is created by Aircraft Wingtips. Aeon Voom VAPIs will not work.
  15. It'll be a sad s.21 pilot that tries to land at Morning Wood, so just flagging all airports for seaplanes is not fair to players who use pure floatplanes, and that was your suggestion. The easiest fix is the way the S&W DHC-2 works, and ground vehicles like the Rubber Bunny Stalwart, which is to have two VAPIs for land/water that you can rename accordingly. It's not ideal, but it gives both options. The better fix is just to run through the list of available hubs as an append to list twice for vehicles flagged as amphibious, dropping duplicates. Whether that's a back-end SQL append and group by query, or an LSL append to list thing, either are trivial.
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