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  1. Dun Wafflin in Welby Corner can offer a rez spot for small boats, seaplanes and helis. About 80LI or so with a 10 minute return. Cheers! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Welby Corner/7/192/22
  2. Great to see you on the forum, Friti Looks like you're the fastest pack of gum delivery service on the Blake Seas there
  3. Nice to see you in GTFO, May and hope to check out your place soon.
  4. It's all old quantities from the before times. FU are being updated so that part is moot. Overheads are currently not applied and probably going to be standardized the same as FUs.
  5. Name: Yorkie Bardeen SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wood Blewit/226/7/21 Reason: Land is sold and now private.
  6. It's really easy. You just make amphibious vehicles eligible for both kinds of hubs and you loop the list append for as many eligible criteria as you need (two currently but may as well make it future-proof). you can include the hub type in the returned text so you know beforehand whether you're going to be landing wheels down, or splashing down. (W)Half Hitch, (L)Hollywood Airport etc. etc which means you can get both options for a place, or you can drop duplicates and let players figure out which way they'll land.
  7. My policy with helipads is: If it's flat enough and there's enough room for the spinning blades of death- it's a helipad.
  8. The C-47 is created by Aircraft Wingtips. Aeon Voom VAPIs will not work.
  9. It'll be a sad s.21 pilot that tries to land at Morning Wood, so just flagging all airports for seaplanes is not fair to players who use pure floatplanes, and that was your suggestion. The easiest fix is the way the S&W DHC-2 works, and ground vehicles like the Rubber Bunny Stalwart, which is to have two VAPIs for land/water that you can rename accordingly. It's not ideal, but it gives both options. The better fix is just to run through the list of available hubs as an append to list twice for vehicles flagged as amphibious, dropping duplicates. Whether that's a back-end SQL append and group by query, or an LSL append to list thing, either are trivial.
  10. To me, the answer is a bit of code and an append query, but what do I know. Tatjia, it was the AN-2 that initially caused me these problems. I posted elsewhere but my advice is to switch your VAPI code to GTFO!C130. It's not egregiously larger as a payload and you will be able to make deliveries to land-based airstrips. I also suggest the same for the DHC-6 Twin Otter by AVA for the same reasons. "Bush plane" adventures are my main reason for being in GTFO (and building an airfield) myself, so I can relate. Eowyn, there are many non-water accessible airfields in the old continents, in fact such airfields are the majority. "Screw those guys" is not a valid solution to me. You missed another pure seaplane, the Hunter s.21, and there are more. Sure it's a niche, but the solutions are available and one fix only requires a bit of data entry. It's not difficult.
  11. Yorkie Bardeen


    Spooncat Haulage, Full Bush Flying Club courier services and related larks on the freight routes of SL.
  12. There are no true amphibious vehicles supported in GTFO. I suggested a way it could be done a while ago but it's not my business. I forget which way they are around but there are two VAPI codes for the DHC-2s from S&W: TBEAVR WBEAVR Rename the prim in your plane to the other one, and it should allow you to take land-based jobs.
  13. I can finally reply to topics in this sub-forum I had a good conversation with Keif at my place about this, and apparently we are both in the process of trying to establish a good route into the Far East of Sansara. My home base is in East Heterocera so that's usually my starting point (Amella region) as I run a small airfield there. These routes could also apply more or less for departures out of Xanthor Airport some three or so regions North. Three of our club flew our Twin Otters into Sansara and had a jolly time. It's mostly over water with few risks of orbs, and you can fly low for a lot of which (which is the most fun way to fly, for me): From Amella we fly out over Bedstraw Town, aiming for the sea channel. We skirt the Eastern void heading South, then turn into the sea near Hyles infohub. The next part is potentially risky as it's hard to stay over the Linden waterways and not fly over private parcels but we haven't experienced any serious orb trouble yet- heading to Cecropia. Doing a counter-clockwise loop in the ocean region South of there to come around for final and a first stop delivery there. From Cecropia we loaded up for Bay City, and flew the ANWR channel and kept North, following the coast West and South to the City. This is all open water and you can fly as low as you like. From Bay City to Abbotts, and again all over open water. Abbotts then becomes the gateway to the "Bay of Space Pigs". My old route used to be to turn South into Sansara sooner, flying under the big road bridge, then dodging private land. This Western route is longer, but more relaxing. The next "leg" is still in the works, but this is my preferred way between Heterocera and Sansara for now.
  14. Morning Wood can accommodate helicopters of all sizes, but is not offering any jobs as a destination for (tested) Kamov Ka-29, MD-500, SA S92.
  15. What a great location! I feel a road trip coming on soon. Nice to see my shady containers are so well-traveled too
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