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  1. Not that you need it now probably, but I'm using Cool VL Viewer, its an old style viewer but I'm an old style resident so I love it, and it loves my laptop.
  2. Lobster Pot Landing is not on the Lobster Pot sim, its on Hroskell. I just TPd in for a look. Looks nice
  3. I tried to get there today but underestimated the length of the drive by a lot. Also .. sim crossing issues, of course. Possibly rectified although that area seems particularly harsh. Will try again, maybe from closer though!
  4. I can't find them, I don't know if she sells them anymore. I can't afford one yet anyway, hehe.
  5. Hi, I've just started too I'm still a degenerate freeloader with the demo HUD and freebie van but I can see I could get very into this.
  6. I'm only using the freebies right now but I think I could get very hooked on this. Thanks to everyone in chat earlier when I got a bit lost! I don't suppose anyone has made a drivable horse and cart or vardo for GTFO? Not that I'd use it all the time probably but I was just wondering.
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