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  1. Hello, everyone, I'm happy to announce a new side project with permission from Atomic Infinity. We're starting an expanded version of The Bedstraw Chronicle! Come take a peek at the early first issue here!
  2. I'm going to throw a cautionary wet towel in this conversation. As it stands now, $G are another form of points earned in game. Without a true default world value, everyone outside of Linden Lab is happy. Once you give them a default world monetary value, you immeadiately bring in regulators. This begins with LL, and can escalate up to FinCEN. Be very sure you want to open this can of worms. An easier method is to keep them strictly tradeable as the afforementioned points in game.
  3. I'm in a casual process of working on something like this. It's mostly just an idea in my head ATM. But it involves spreadsheets and SL data displays. and hopefully someday in the future, an XR application.
  4. I had visited Bedstraw quite by accident a few months back. It's a beautiful locatiion, extremely thought out and planned. I had promised myself a few times that I would return. And here is the perfect reminder!
  5. I just signed up about 4 minutes ago. I've been reading about GTFO, and finally decided to jump in. I'm looking forward to reading the forums.
  6. Hello, everyone! I'm looking forward to becoming active as a carrier for GTFO!

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