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  1. I think it would be a good idea to reconsider certain destinations. I went to Dogbone Island (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coral Waters/105/89/24) in my boat (Trans-ZZ-Port by and picked up a cargo for Acacia. Most of the trip went well, but then there were completely blocked regions where I had to cheat my way around. As some point I didn't notice that I was approaching ban lines and I was tossed back and my boat got returned to me. There were no rez zones anywhere near, so I started to fly around looking for a rez spot, and as a result got ejected by 0-second orbs left and right and at some point I even got orbitted by an archaic (and IIRC illegal) security system. I finally found a spot to rez my boat, then cheated it back to Acacia where I had expected some kind of build, but there was nothing, not a single prim. I delivered my cargo more frustrated than I have ever been whilst playing GTFO. Please do NOT send boats to Acacia. It only leads to frustration. Planes could prolly more-or-less safely drop off cargo, land vehicles may be able to get there, but boats should not be sent there for the sake of sanity and good moods.
  2. I have started to add freebies to Payne's Playce, in no small part thanks to ZZ Bottom (foneco zuzu) who allowed me to offer a selection of her free vehicles in my hangout!
  3. As one of the first public rez spots on Belliseria, Payne's Playce offers the following: Free coffee Lake access, the houseboat and dock has an unobstructed view of the lake. Mini-airstrip on the roof (better for taking off than for landing) NO autoreturn for GTFO! members. (need to have group active!) 1 minute for all others. Free coffee Hang out inside the houseboat or on the deck with your friends, even if you don't know them yet! Rez a land vehicle on the roof and drive it off to access the road on Belliseria Free coffee!!! SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fourze/111/223/23 Did I forget anything? Let me know, I like being corrected NOTICE: The location is clothing optional. If you are allergic to (partial) nudity, then consider this your warning
  4. I know this is way late, but perhaps someone else can find this useful: the Humble Worker has a tonne of free bikes, all GTFO! ready. You can pick them up in a single box at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vimba/39/241/23 There are also bikes for sale, you can see some of them at the marketplace.
  5. YOUR SL Account name: Fritigern Gothly Vehicle creator SL Display name: 'ZZ Bottom' Broken VAPI? GTFO!TEMERAIRE Name of vehicle: The Red Huntress The Red Huntress Brigantine Schooner Portugal final Trans-ZZ-Port Marketplace link to vehicle: No MP link, but was part of a free pack of GTFO! ready boats, offered by this creator. Can be picked up at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vimba/39/241/23 Type of vehicle (Choose ONE) Boats Additional comments: The following is basically what happens rezzing the boat at the GTFO! HQ, but also happens in any of the other ports that I tried this: - Rezzing boat: [01:34:36] Trans-ZZ-Port Offer (Rezz over water, please.): GTFO! Vehicle ID set to: TEMERAIRE. [01:34:37] GTFO! Hud v1.8.3 TRIAL - LIVE server: GTFO! Vehicle Connected: Medium boat | Capacity: 60 Crates (600 FU)| Overhead: G$0 per kilometer - Attempting to load cargo, first I dock. [01:34:52] GTFO! Hud v1.8.3 TRIAL - LIVE server: Please move into close position with dock, shut down, and click dock again. - After I moved into position, I clicked the sign, and now I'm attempting to get cargo by clicking the appropriate button on the HUD. [01:34:59] GTFO! Hud v1.8.3 TRIAL - LIVE server: No Hubs Found - Sorry! If you're on a mainland continent, maybe GTFOps Team broke something. This specific instance happened with my alt, who has the trial version of the HUD, but my main has the full version and I get the exact same results there. Other boats with the same VAPI of this creator exhibit the same issue. Different boats of the same creator with a different VAPI does NOT seem to have this issue, so this is definitely related to this VAPI.
  6. Well, I haven't VAPI'ed the little swan just yet because it would feel a bit cheaty to me to be able to carry 200FU on that tiny thing. So for now, this is my boat although I would like to try a larger one someday so I can do greater distances. Note that neither pic is of me, I stole the pics off the MP
  7. I'm confused. Lobster Pot is a new region which is not even open yet. It is located between Sansara and the new Belliseria continent. It has the region Iridium to the north, Silver Wake to the south, and is flanked by Grand Banks to the west and Marianas Trench to the east. Here's a pic I took earlier this week.
  8. Okay, ignore the title, I promise I will never say that kind of silliness again. Anyway, a little/short introduction of yours truly: My name is Fritigern Gothly, I am 49 in RL, but don't look a day over 21 in SL I am currently playing GTFO! using the trial HUD and am enjoying myself a lot. I've found that I don't care about G$ or XP, all I care about is getting the cargo from A to B on time and do it in a boat that I find as comfortable to pilot as possible. My current boat is a Michie Marine water taxi with the Michie Marine Mekong cruiser VAPI (the only MM vehicle in the DB at the moment). I find that the water taxi handles exactly the way I like, both on small canals, as well as on open sea. It's fast but maneuverable at lower speeds too. I am kinda waiting for the whole vehicle and hub resizing thing to be finished so that the I can submit other Michie Marine vehicles (land, sea and air) and have VAPIs created for them as well and not feel bad for piling on the load for the team I hope that one day, I can do some single-package courier work on this cutie. And I mean the vehicle, not the girl! Don't be fooled by looks, this mini jetski is fast and maneuverable, and the view from behind is magnificent!
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