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  1. What is the official requirement for "fits", then? All the landing gear are on the pad, well within the borders. And this still doesn't explain the issue with the Chinook pilots telling me they aren't getting cargo to my airfield, but will get cargo if they switch to a smaller helicopter. I've already got one pilot telling me if I don't "fix it" he's not going to come back, and another who's voicing uncertainty about having to use something smaller than a Chinook to come to my airfield. Also, conversation with a representative of SA, copied here with their permission: [2019/06/03 03:23:19] Alyndra Tracaryn (miralidith): well. as an official representitive of shergood aviation. [2019/06/03 03:23:31] Alyndra Tracaryn (miralidith): I can officially say your pads are fine. [2019/06/03 03:23:50] Lucifyra: Can I get that as a formal statement I can copy-paste to their forum? [2019/06/03 03:24:07] Alyndra Tracaryn (miralidith): go ahead. [2019/06/03 03:25:06] Lucifyra: So you feel they're adequate for the SA Skycrane? [2019/06/03 03:25:39] Alyndra Tracaryn (miralidith): Yes. they are fine for a S-64
  2. We have one pilot flying a Chinook who can't get a mission to our airfield when flying it, but can get a mission to our airfield by switching to the smaller H160. Cheerport, for example, will offer loads to the Chinook to a good number of airports but not to ours. Another such is Port Nymph...five pages of options for destinations, none of which includes ours. Nor at Hollywood Airport, nor at Angels Airport a few regions north of us. On the off-chance there's some confusion as to which helipads are available for public use (And yes, I realize that confusion might have been caused by my original application, my apologies - additional pads got set up very shortly after I made the hub request)...ALL pads, including those on the hangars, are available. The ones on the hangars are the larger pads, and we had a Skycrane land on one just fine this evening. Overhanging the taxiway isn't an issue, because small and medium planes aren't going to reach up that high.
  3. SL Account Name: Lucifyra Display name: Lucifyra SLUrl of Hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gormthoog/101/45/336 Reason for edit: Currently we're listed as small and medium helicopters only. We have four large pads that can accommodate a Chinook. Please add Large helicopter to the list of aircraft that can land here.
  4. SL Account name: Lucifyra SL Display name: Lucifyra Own or rent proposed hub location: Owned SLURL of the requested hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gormthoog/101/45/336 Requested name of hub to show in HUD: RCX Aerodrome Second name request in case first is taken or unable to be used: RCX Aerodrome - SLRX Type of hub (Choose all that apply): Airplanes: Yes, small or medium only Helicopters (includes lighter than air): Yes Boats: No Seaplanes (land on water and get to your hub): No Road: No Rail: No If road, which route: If airport, what elevation: (Must be under 500 meters): 335m NOTAM: Aircraft: Entry/landing on Runway 09 (East) only. Takeoff/departure on Runway 27 (West) only Small and medium-sized jets and prop planes, helicopters. Please do not block the runway. SA, Terra, and Dani fuel pumps available. Public helipads on Northeast end http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gormthoog/209/112/337 Comments: For Admin purposes only. Will NOT appear on the hud.
  5. I was looking to see about submitting my airfield as a hub, but wanted to check something first: I see in the Hub request template it lets you specify types of aircraft. Is it possible to also specify size, and will the GTFO system make that distinction when handing out jobs? I have an airfield that can handle any size helicopter, and small to medium aircraft. Large aircraft like jetliners would have a major issue landing, though, and turning around, so I'd want to specify that in the listing. Is that something the system can do?
  6. They're multiplying. When I first encountered GridData02, a search of "GridData" came up with three names. Now there is: GridData GridData01 GridData02 GridData03 GridData04 In the profiles for GD01-03, they no longer mention GTFO, but have the following: "This account is owned and operated by SecondCreations. This account is used to collect data about the mainland for the following purposes: - Generate maps of no fly/boat zones and rez zones to assist boating/sailing enthusiasts. - Mainland ownership, population and traffic per continent. - Search data (number of parcels set to appear in search and what categories they are in) Some of this data is published on the profile of GridData (Please contact that account with questions/complaints)" GridData has some apparent traffic stats in the profile and the note, "Bots visiting too often? Please send me a notecard with the region and parcel details and I will sort this out for you." GridData and GridData 01-03 have picks that have "Help Island Public, Help Island Public (128, 128, 27)" as the TP location. GridData04's profile is currently blank.
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