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  1. Well- since they've opened lots of rez zones around land and sea, I've kinda filled up my parcel with decoration...so.....no prims available to rez atm! Yasmin (youaintseenme) has created a nifty Bellisseria LL Rez zones MAP (190425) that is free! You can find her if you join the Bellisseria Group. Still feel free to drop in and raid the fridge!!
  2. Feel free to come to my house on the river to rez a seaplane, boat, car or heli! The doors are unlocked and you can help yourself to whatever you can scrounge in the fridge. There will be between 125-150 prims available to rez (sometimes I go a little crazy decorating) - the river is in the back and the street is in the front! Have fun! Karmaville, San Jocoso
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