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  1. Cinn is the one who enters the VAPIs into the database and she's been out for a few weeks due to computer issues. She's recently back, though, so it should resume sometime soon after we get some bugs worked out currently. Sorry for the delay.
  2. That's the main reason we've not done anything with it yet. We know how pissy LL would be if we gave them a linden equivalent. One thing we can do is have items that are not available anywhere for linden currency. If they're only purchasable with G$, then we should be okay. In any event, we'll come up with something.
  3. Hey everyone. I figured I should get on here and give out an update about myself. I've been around a bit less as of late, as I'm sure some might have noticed. A few factors are contributing to this. I'm trying to find a new place to live and then moving soon after. I'm also trying to gain custody of my son. Not to mention I have been feeling a bit of the SL burnout as I'm sure many of you have had from time to time. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry for not being around and that I hope all of you can understand. I'm still available for anyone to message me either in world, note card, Discord or private message here on the forums. I'll try to respond as soon as I can. You are all wonderful and I'm happy you still come around and enjoy hauling the freight all over the grid. Things will hopefully settle down for me soon.
  4. A private community separate from the mainland area could be set up for GTFO with a few hubs within said community. No one elsewhere would be able to get jobs to that community, but no one in that community could get jobs out of it. Think of it like mini-gtfo.
  5. Kittensusie does quite a lot, and what we've asked her to do. The vehicle adding process is a tedious one, and not one that was very easy to try and keep things uniform when it was designed. Between hub additions / corrections, vehicle additions and modifications as well as trying to get new and better ways to do all of that. Coupled with trying to keep my land business in the black, and all of our real life (Keif's job which has him swamped right now, Cinn's helping out with her family and my work / surgery recovery), things will not go as fast as some would like. If there are communication issues such as this, we would appreciate a private message here, or a note card in world, or something of the sort. We're trying to come up with ways to make things easier to do. Make it so Kittensusie can add the vehicles herself instead of just collecting the information to put on Cinn's desk. Unfortunately, there's still needing to have direct access to the database to add things. I'm going to talk with Cinn about posting the details of exactly what it takes for us currently to add hubs and vehicles so everyone can have a more clear understanding of what goes on. I apologize for the delay in the additions, we're just incredibly swamped right now.
  6. The length of time it takes right now to add vehicles will be a thing of the past once we get the new vehicle size change done as well as a few other things we need to tweak. This particular item has been an issue we've discussed a few times over. All I can ask is that we have your patience while we try and push through with the size change. Thanks for the ideas and your effort!
  7. Rose Brightflame traveled on from this blue marble at approximately 3:30 pm GMT Monday, 4 Feb 2019. She had been hospitalized for major heart surgery, but in the end, her strong and wonderful heart, which she'd shared with so many, never fully recovered. She touched many lives both in RL and in world. Now she rides, sails, and flies free, head held high, remaining within the hearts of those she touched always. Her words to you all, "Love and sparkles." (reposted from In-World notice)
  8. No, they have not been. Vehicles are the next hurdle for us to tackle in streamlining the addition process. Cinn will be working on the backlog of vehicles in the next few days as well. We do apologize for the delay.
  9. Not as of yet. Hopefully soon, though!
  10. It looks like you're using hubs that have the loader. This is not actually needed to play the game. It only adds a bit of visual effect. If you click the sign and the boat moves itself into position, you are now attached to it. To deliver, you click the HUD again and select deliver. The freight will offload at that point. The "Park Other Way" message is something the original creator put in, signifying that it is a loader that positions the boats the opposite way as the first ones made. As long as the boat moves when the sign is clicked, it is working. Let me know via private message here or in world (jaiden.nexen) or ask in the GTFO group chat and we can try to get you some more help.
  11. Syler

    Order of CARGO!n

    That's something we'll consider. We're still discussing ways to make things easier for loading and unloading in the future, so it could very well change completely.
  12. ASN auto teleports also with the emDash hud. Anyone using ASN currently, GTFO world headquarter's gate address alias is GTFO, and the one up at the spaceport is BSP. Stargate location at world HQ is on top of the headquarters building at the northern most point.
  13. Syler

    Order of CARGO!n

    No. It will only load in the correct order if you do 12 or less. If there are more, then whatever goes over that number will pop in all at once at the end.
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