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  1. @Syler @Keif Denimore Casual reminder, Seaplane still listed as Boat.
  2. Hello, I'd like to bring a suggestion to expand the Discord server channels, and for you to discuss among yourselves the pro's, con's, and usefulness (or lack of). Grid drive - Discord's fairly reliable chat service for everything during a grid drive that isn't intended solely for the local proximity. Looking for convoy - To organise adhoc or pre-planned GTFO fun away from general announcements and requests for help. Some screenshot software are capable of annotating and marking regions of screen to share information visually and precisely, and discord supports image uploading and spoiler tags. Secondlife groups are still functional, and can link to external image services. The groups however lack embedded images, markdown formatting, and rooms of specific purpose. Even though it isn't strictly necessary, it has been on my mind as a possible convenience for some of you. How do you feel about it?
  3. Welcome to the Info-Hub! ?

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      Thank you, Sam

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