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  1. Mick Sweet Owner/Operator http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saengseon/55/34/96 The over use of banlines on this continent, I have moved the airstrip to 220m from 95m, also widened it to 30m x 128. That should be above any banlines that effect take offs and landings at Sweet. There is also an added helipad at the air strip. Open for take offs and departures, now. I am also expanding the trucking operations at ground level, adding a warehouse with 3 docks and additional helipads. It is a work in progress and should be completed in the next few days. Thank you, Mick
  2. Update, grass runway has been installed, 09/27 at 95 meters (ground level). small fixed wing, 15m or less wing span, please. Grass taxiway and fuel as well. Saengseon (31, 27, 95)
  3. Mick Sweet Sweet Heliport Airfreight and Trucking Sweet Heliport, Air Freight, and Trucking, Saengseon (31, 27, 95) Rt 10 and Rt 9 Helicopter and surface freight, to include grass runway for small fixed wing aircraft, soon. The land is owned by me.
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