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  1. I'm not doing GTFO because I can't get three sim crossings in a row to work, and the Blakes Sea seems about the worst for that.
  2. I just love the name: Damnsim Cross. Story of my life in SL, Damn Sim Crossings!
  3. Great to see you here KSL. Thank you for the help with the MFFK Helo. I am still enjoying GTFOing with it!
  4. and you have another problem with bigger traffic.... [00:58] Second Life: Can't rez object '-MFFK- Mi-26K CraneHalo GTFO!Connex40SD' at { 205.125, 75.5803, 124.814 } on parcel 'G2 Motors' in region Mangyeong because the parcel is too full. [00:58] Second Life: Can't rez object 'SA - Erickson S-64 - v1.2 (N4368Q) GTFO TC Pod' at { 208.68, 75.9862, 127.996 } on parcel 'G2 Motors' in region Mangyeong because the parcel is too full. Big birds use more LI.
  5. I see an in-world message that Keif has fixed a road hubs issue and that now you will only see choices of road hubs that are accessible by road. Umm, I think that's a possibly backward step. Some of us use Amphibious vehicles and would like the opportunity to use them to join up bits of the road network (and in SL that term must always be used loosely).
  6. Thank you for sorting it out, Joan. I really appreciate your and Cinn's help. And I'll certainly bear in mind how easy it is to find the right section to post in, in future. Love and Kisses.
  7. Well, you might think so, but it isn't obvious to me. This is a database listing with some filters on the fields. Nowhere to suggest changes, or correct mistakes. It's a very nice Database Listing, but I am asking for a way to CHANGE it, or suggest changes to it.
  8. Couple of things. 1) The MP link is: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MFFK-Mi-26K-Crane-Halo-ELITE/11249113 (and yes, it is MOD) 2) You can try a demo at: Agrippa (227, 138, 45) (and as a demo is isn't mod....) It'll be nice when there is an official way to send updates to this sort of info. like there is with HUBs G.
  9. George

    Order of CARGO!n

    Some actual documentation on these creator-useful HUD/API features would really help. I know it's another job, but if there were some notes around I'll volunteer to write them up as a user's guide (and sign an NDA first if you want).
  10. George

    Order of CARGO!n

    Okay, I have added CARGO!1, CARGO!2... items to my modded vehicles. And sure enough the API script (I am assuming that is the culprit) makes them 100% transparent when the vehicle is rezzed. They then become visible in order of the numbering when the cargo is being loaded by the HUD/API. But when the cargo is delivered they seem not to follow the reverse order. Is this a known BUG, a feature for something I don't understand, or planned behaviour? I have 4 crates called CARGO!1 thru CARGO!4 that go on my Halob8 by Yetius, and then CARGO!5 is a net that 'holds' them to the deck. On 'load' they are attached 1,2,3,4,5, and everything looks good, but on 'deliver' they come off 4,3,2,1,5 with 5 last which looks daft. Hope it's something I've done wrong.....
  11. Big thanks for this Syler (and Cinn). Just knowing we are not forgotten goes a long way.
  12. I have been waiting patiently for a VAPI for my MFFK- Mi-26K CraneHalo – ELITE by Cindy for over 3 months. Kittensuzy approved it and there is an entry for it in the list at http://tradeandtreasure.com/gtfo/vehicles/, but no VAPI. I am sympathetic about the problems of moving house and country, Cinn, but is it too much to ask to make some movement on this? Perhaps appoint someone else to do do the things to the database that are needed. If it helps, I volunteer (ex International IT company deputy CTO). If it realy can't be done now, could you at least give an estimate of when? January? 2019?
  13. This is great for 'how to add the GTFO! VAPI and API to a mod vehicle'. I am talking about 'how to mod mod vehicles so they actually look different'. Your wonderful creations all have proper GTFO! loads built in Claire, and we love them, but some other creator's models need a bit of TLC. Before: and after:
  14. It occurs to me that some people may not know how to mod a vehicle in SL. So I have prepared some notes on modding a MFFK Mi-26K CraneHalo helicopter to add a GTFO! 40 Connex to it. I would upload it as an attachment, as a PDF it is only 2.4Mb, but the Forum software doesn't allow PDFs. If you want a copy of the PDF, just send me an email to theoldfellow@gmail.com. I could make it a forum post if there is demand, but there are 20 screenshots, so I'd need permission before doing that. You can't actually use the resulting Connex-equiped Helicopter for GTFO! yet, but Cinn has had the VAPI request for 2 months, and might eventually get sorted out and issue it. Moving house is hell, moving house internationally is a horror story. The notes are useful for modding anything though, so will be of interest if you wanted to add GTFO! containers to a ship.
  15. Good luck getting anything VAPI changed this century.
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