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  1. Fish trawling would be a fun mini game and expand on the play styles. Player gets load request to be delivered at X hub On the way to drop off location, the fisherman uses 'Cast Net' to pick up fish. Each sim would have a maximum of 1-3 barrels of fish that can be caught (or maximum # of barrels = # of vowels in the sim name?). Each cast takes 1 minute. Size on the net determines how much fish is caught each cast (size of boat to determine net size, or use G$ to buy bigger nets). After the player gets the amount of fish barrels filled the job requested, they can deliver to X hub. This would probably require a longer delivery timer as well for this cargo type. Can also have different fish types requested for jobs too down the road.
  2. For those players who don't want to or have a vehicle (boat, vehicle, plane, etc) of their own but will work for someone who does. They can work for someone who has a paid HUD and automatically get a split payout from the cargo upon completion of the job.
  3. The establishment of a fines and fees system to spend that G$ on. Docking Fees: for temporary docking to load and unload cargo or passengers? Temporary event parking for the day or a few hours? Ticket Counters: for passenger tickets for ferries, taxis, or passenger flights.. etc. Late Fees: for deliveries that take longer than established? Failure to Deliver Fine: if it takes longer than 24 real hours or dont show up to unload? might already be covered by escrow fees. Captains/Cargo License Fees: for specialty goods such as Passengers, Dangerous Cargo, Live Animals, etc. that pay out more. Crew Pay: split payouts for assigned crew members on larger transports. (im sure there is more ideas..)
  4. A great way to integrate other roleplayers and groups such as Police, Coast Guards, Airport Inspectors, etc; to be able to inspect your cargo. Inspector Groups can establish what kind of cargo is allowed in their areas of responsibility or ports (as long as they have the authority to enforce it by land owners or implied consent, whatever).
  5. There are many Driving, Flight, and Boating locations that could or already have taxi and ferry services. It would be great to have a 'Ticket Counter' device to pay ferry or taxi drivers (NPC or players) for passengers to travel between preset destinations (HUBs) close to the passengers desired locations. GTFO players would have the G$ charged from their account, but non-players would be able to 'buy tickets' too. Ticket fees for non-players can be saved for a period of time to be charged to their account if they get the HUD system at a later date, or given the free HUD and charged from it. In addition, the creation of passenger hubs (Ports of Entry) could open the door to more locations for GTFO passenger operators to work to and from.
  6. In addition to the suggestions i made above. the Give/Pay idea will work too for a Passenger / Ferry (tourism) system where passenger service providers can receive G$ from other players HUDs or a 'click to get ticket' device that autopays the G$ to the driver for residents who are not GTFO players.
  7. An interesting idea for this would to be create a penalty system to charge Fines for taking too long to deliver, failure to deliver, etc. Perhaps even Captains Licenses, where you pay for a license separately to haul certain specialty Freight Types (such as premium, dangerous, live animals, etc). Being able to 'pay' out (Give) your G$ to other players will introduce a separate barter market system independent of L$ valuation, including 'employing' deck crew for larger ships. This would be equivalent to loot-sharing between teammates in any other game. Later down the road when/if/etc a smuggling system is complete, can introduce outside groups, such as Police and Coast Guards to be able to search cargo holds and establish criminal penalties through an 'enforcement hud' or something similar. This could also introduce another role-play element to this system for maritime law and courts.
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