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  1. I have all kinds of decoration goodies in my marketplace store, and for Hub Operators, I'll send them to You for Free ! Look over the store, then drop me a notecard with what You want and I'll head over that way in the KW or Otter to drop them off *winks. Drop the card & I'll box the list up and send them Your way. Have Fun ! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/106069
  2. Hi All, Smitty Mistwalker aka Grumpy here. Been in about a week and thoroughly enjoying the Cool People I've met and Cool Places I've been so far. Been flying the Transcontinental Logistics Otter with the shark paintjob around the Blake Sea recently from HQ to Blake Diego, Dutch Harbor and The Tailwinds Café at Honah Lee is quickly becoming one of the favorite places ! Also been hitting the road out of HQ. Have the starter van and a Bovine B-900 Sky Cab, (Thanks Ashley & Capital Motors For The MM Board) and heading out toward Nauti Girls & beyond. Love to meet with other GTFO members, So if I don't see you first, feel free to say "Hi" and Have Good & Safe Trips ! Grumpy's SL Profile
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