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  1. SL Name of Player Reporting: Wisdom Davi SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fenstriano/75/222/213 This hub is showing the airport at 26 and runway 9L A new sim owner has remodeled the airport which is now at 200 with runway 9L and 27L
  2. Hi Joan, So what is the advantage of operating a gtfo hub?
  3. Hi Joan, Thanks for the reply, I did notice that gridtalkie has a preset channel for gtfo, that was easy Maybe you can answer a couple of other questions: How do you set up a Hub and can there be more than one hub at a location like a marina or airfield?
  4. Hi Claire, Thank you I have a couple of more to convert; The Osprey and Albatross. Just wish i could find custom paints for them.
  5. Not really sure if this is the place for this quesiton. I was wondering if there a GTFO Grid Radio System, where an operator can announce departure or arrivals and condition on route?
  6. Obviously I am new here so hello one and all! I have a friend who has been promoting GTFO to me for ages but for some reason or other I have not had the time until now. So looking forward to learning and having a great time. I converted my H92 into a hawler. Yes I know the paint job kind of tacky but a girl's gotta start somewhere :). Wis d'Avi
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