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  1. Quinn

    Valhalla Petrol 2.png

    Our newest employee! (Animesh!)
  2. Quinn


    Stuff Tiffany & Quinn took photos of "Valhalla Air & Cargo - Service to Die For!"
  3. Quinn

    New truck 4.png

    Yes, I know this isn't the truck. It's my gorgeous partner, taking a break from running interfer... I mean, scouting ahead for me. - Quinn
  4. Quinn

    Quiffany Station & Road Depot

    Quiffany Station, Velox, Heterocera Road/Rail hub in Heterocera, on Route 5 & SLRR main line. UNDER CONSTRUCTION (so forgive the plywood, please!) Owned & operated by Valhalla Air & Freight ('Service to Die for!'), Quinn Darkrider & Tiffany Loving, proprs, a Zindra-based corporation.
  5. Quinn


    If & when GTFO! comes to Zindra, we've constructed a wharf suitable for boats and seaplanes (and will consider adding a heliport &/or a road hub - there's a couple of connex stacks for Infinity trucks, too) at our location on the north coast. It's alongside the coast road, about as far east as contiguous Linden waters go. So, whenever you're ready... Quinn & Tiffany, Valhalla Air & Freight ('service to die for!')
  6. Quinn


    Saw a hub on Zindra (at BikerParties Nude Beach - Zindra) posted in group notices; in the hub list, it shows as having no continent. Did the application just slip through the net, or is GTFO going to expand onto the last mainland continent? Interested hub owners (based on Zindra) would like to know...
  7. SLURL: secondlife://Acknefar/128/128/50 SL account name: QuinnDarkrider SL Display name: Quinn Reason for removal: (Owner removal or player discovered location no longer there) Location gone, banlines up, no marina, new (higher) runway not usableby non-group members. Now the HQ of the 'USNSL 4th Fleet'. Contact is "Courtney Grimes (Komatoast Held)". remove whole region, region not to enter, work in prgress. will be a military airport
  8. I'll third that, as a new-minted hub owner. Although, once every inhabited & transitable sim on the grid is in GTFO, there won't be any more need for notices. At the current rate of hub addition, that might not take long...
  9. Quinn

    Quiffany Station sign.png

    Now we're a GTFO! hub and connected to the SLRR Main Line! (Suppose we'd better finish the construction, then!)
  10. Thanks, it's good to be operational! And, as a bonus, Quiffany Station just got connected to the SLRR!
  11. I've been thinking about the issue of hubs disappearing or going offline when their owners sell up, abandon the land, or return the land to their landlord. A suggestion: what if hub owners were required to rezz an object with a script on their land - a script whose only job would be to say "I'm here!" to a website (this one?) at regular intervals? (Every day or two, if we're just checking that the hub hasn't been sold off; every few minutes, if we're also checking that the sim's online - and assuming the host can handle the traffic.) The script could also check if the parcel has changed ownership since the last time the script was triggered (and, of course, that the object is still on the same parcel). This should be fairly simple to implement in SL, various RP groups and others use something similar. At the website end, the server script only needs to update a database table that can be reported on the website. A list of 'hubs that haven't reported in' for (say) 24 hours should be enough to allow volunteers to check on the status of hubs and file the appropriate removal requests.
  12. SL Account name: QuinnDarkrider SL Display name: Quinn Own or rent proposed hub location: (Private estate land must have land manager approval) Own (Group-owned mainland) SLURL of the requested hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Velox/115/183/83 (258816,260864) Requested name of hub to show in HUD: Quiffany Station Second name request in case first is taken or unable to be used: Valhalla Sidings Type of hub (Can choose multiple): Aircraft, helicopter / lighter than air, boat, road. Rail (road hub to be constructed later - we also own the parcel connecting the station to the road) If road, which route: Route 5 (1201) Station under construction, ticket to attach to SLRR has been raised - but SLRR-side platform is usable now. Station will be open-rez when construction is complete or sidings are connected to main line (whichever happens first), and there's an SLRR rez zone nearby. Site will be home to Valhalla Rail & Valhalla Haulage operations.
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