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  1. No one ever seems to want to go first so , allow me to introduce myself , I am Billy diesel … an avid trucking enthusiast both here and in real life . I call Alberta Canada my real home and I am +1 SLT I own a small trucking company over on the mainland in south satori , Heartland Express ( hopefully soon to be added as a HUB, but always open to any GTFO! truckers) , My little secondlife trucking company has been around since before the days of GTFO! , we first opened in Ocean Pointe ( family RP sim) in 2015 and then again later on in the town of Avon , after that town closed we moved into Liberty Bay . Being an avid role player I enjoy enhancing others role play such as shop owners and gas stations by providing life like deliveries on a weekly basis . I have more or less moved away from the drama of family rp sims , they never really seem to last long and have moved into mainland roleplay . So if you're a pilot or ship capt and looking for a trucking company to meet you at docks etc to drop off that shipment from the mainland for you to carry somewhere or vice versa , I am more than happy to role play that delivery with you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tortosa/28/164/69 Our office can be found here , look forward to meeting some new friends out there!
  2. This would be a handy thing for the roleplay side of GTFO! , a shipper could post a load and roleplay waiting for the carrier and a company could accept it and show up for it vs the usual way we get freight . Looking forward to seeing more roleplay within the game .
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