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  1. I did the VAPI's on those, but for some reason the carrying capacity has been switched! The 2P should carry 2 Crates; the 4P should carry 4 (I have the actual VAPI notecards opened in front of my as I type). KSL
  2. I guess it's time to introduce myself since I'm part of the GTFO! team. A few months ago I took over doing the VAPI's on various vehicles, leaving Cinn to concentrate on more important stuff, some of you will have already contacted me about doing VAPI's on your own vehicles. As well as all that, I'm also the co-owner of the Leeward Cruising Club along with Chaos Mandelbrot, and organise the Sunday cruises. Also co-owner of the Roadward Cruising Club with Brandi Whittenton, and owner of the Skyward Flying Club. All these are totally independent of any yacht clubs, airports or speed cameras See you all laters
  3. Somewhat late to post this, but Rosie's name has been added to the memorial stone at Crows Nest in Blake Sea. RIP my friend.
  4. SL account name: Kittensusie Landar SL Display name: same SLURL : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boncarus/218/163/60 Reason for removal: Looks like owner left, empty parcel now.
  5. SL account name: Kittensusie Landar SL Display name: Kittensusie Landar SLURL : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/St Lion/128/128/79 Reason for removal: Player discovered location no longer there
  6. Welcome to the forum!  Good to see a familiar name  ?

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