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  1. Hello Barcona, sadly hear this. It was a pleasure to have you as a hubowner and wish oyu all the best in the future and that things go better again. See you around
  2. hello angie, sorry, but i aborted the registration. never got any response and requirements (see up) are not matched. please, do a new hub request, if you still interested. thank you
  3. hello aki or wanda, please, be so kind and post when the airport is operatiuonal and fill in, the form below. thank you SL Account name: SL Display name: Own or rent proposed hub location: (Private estate land must have land manager approval) SLURL of the requested hub: Requested name of hub to show in HUD: MAX 26 characters (letters, numbers, spaces, or hyphens only) Second name request in case first is taken or unable to be used: Type of hub (Choose all that apply): Airplanes Helicopters (includes lighter than air) Boats Seaplanes (land on water and get to your hub) Road Rail If road, which route: If airport, what elevation: (Must be under 500 meters)
  4. Hello Skittles^^ have assigned you also to the Hub-Provider role. By this you have access to their sections. Take care
  5. hello angie^^ i am at your location. please, be so kind and have build and scripts enable. thank you
  6. Hello Sharky, DeNasty aggreed that Shark Township appear as destination in the HUD. Changes is done. Greetings Joan
  7. Hello Peter, i was visitng your place a few times not. There has been nothing changed, still the same issues. i will close this request. As soon you have made the required setup, please , be so kind and fill in a new request. Thank you Joan
  8. Hello Diamond, all is ok. Big places get in line of fire of stupid and most jaelouse people who troll like silly little childrens or grief like bored wannabe adults. Probably they had set all temporary all to "no build" for that reason. the only way to get sleep and not watching all the time the idiots greetings Joan
  9. Hello Diamond ^^ all is good. [15:50] GTFO! Hud v1.8.3 FULL - LIVE server: Welcome to Northern Continents! Number of Hubs: 218 [15:50] GTFO! Hud v1.8.3 FULL - LIVE server: Welcome to Barushkya Airport & Harbor! NOTICE: Rwy 18 R elevation 269m But please, dont follow the SLURL which is given by the HUD. It leads always to center of region airport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Barushkya/183/209/271 dock http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Barushkya/183/204/23 docks greeting Joan
  10. hello sharky, as region shark is already a rail hub, but i added as roadhub (see the notma please) the township name will not appear in the hud with the current system version, as there is only possible to have the whole region as hub. the first registered hub will be in the hud. further hubs will be reminded in the "notam" by entering the region. with the upcoming new system we are able to separate by parcels. therefor all required datas are registered now as well. greetings joan
  11. hi wisdom, currently the whole region is a hub, regardless how many other locations or parcelowners operating one. because of space in hud, which shows the name of the place, it goes "first come first serve" i put a remark in notams if there are other hubs came later, but name stay with the first who opened. This will be changed in the next generation of hud to separate by parcels. you can have your palce for all kind of vehicles at once, if it meets the requirements and size. e.g. airport on 30x30m will not very work well but a marina for small boats yes :-.) if the parcel has direct access to a road or rail, this can be also added.
  12. Hello Wisdom, there is the rp-group "Freighter Nation" secondlife:///app/group/f3d70e77-facb-4b9e-e769-bbecea024c11/about or preset GTFO channel on Gridtalkie channel #4836 more weblinks and stuff i have posted today. rgds joan
  13. Hello Sonic, Springer is currently sized as large by the current sizeing., which includes container like Andrea Doria-Class. But therefor this parcel is definitiv to small Greetings Joan
  14. Hello Delirium. that is simple the size of hub Cha. It is configured as medium. By the current sizeing is no other possibility. The larges vessel will not fit to your parcel. If we make as large hub, such vessel can get cargo, but not deliver. By the new HUD and the new sizeing we can better separate and might solve such problems. regards Joan
  15. Hello Diamond^^ Blue Shark is not abandoned. The Worldmap by HUD always leads to center of region currently. So, you need to adjust the destination. This hub is the western parcel on minimap. Look for the skysigns on worldmap, they give also a hint where to go. Anyhow, thank you to report Blue skies Joan
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