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  1. Hello Sonic, Springer is currently sized as large by the current sizeing., which includes container like Andrea Doria-Class. But therefor this parcel is definitiv to small Greetings Joan
  2. Hello Delirium. that is simple the size of hub Cha. It is configured as medium. By the current sizeing is no other possibility. The larges vessel will not fit to your parcel. If we make as large hub, such vessel can get cargo, but not deliver. By the new HUD and the new sizeing we can better separate and might solve such problems. regards Joan
  3. Hello Diamond^^ Blue Shark is not abandoned. The Worldmap by HUD always leads to center of region currently. So, you need to adjust the destination. This hub is the western parcel on minimap. Look for the skysigns on worldmap, they give also a hint where to go. Anyhow, thank you to report Blue skies Joan
  4. Hello Tana, well i had a look. It looks lke this is a very old hub and there have been meanwhile some extensions.of which the database does not know I told it now and hub is updated to the current sizeing. See you *winkt*
  5. hello diamond, please be so kind and use the form above. some aditional infos are required. thank you
  6. hello Nighty, by made one place to a hub, the world map will lead always to the center of a region. regardless on which coordinatesw we make the registry. similar like you use "search" in worldmap, always the center. manual correction is required. it is on plan to have this changed in any future update of the hud, which make also a registration by parcel possible.
  7. hello cuuka, yes, usually one for delete and one for new hub, if it is a new region. but keep like this for now. thank oyu
  8. hi nighty^^ which hub name ? there is currently only one per regio. hud give always center of the region. the slurl you give here is just for the gtfo to find your parcel and should be the main landing point you prefer for people used to teleport
  9. hi bull, found it by luck and moved it to the right section
  10. how many hubs are ? sorry, that i dont know the name of each, nor the nickname of each. i need to know the region where to go. if i dont know, it will not be changed you can not submit the owner of the other place ? nor the slurl ? well i need to look myself which cost me time which i dont have so much for doing puzzels.and still need to know on which region i need to go to doing all this. thank you for your help. this applies also for manua steam station.
  11. Hello Zora^^ Spurness is GTFO hub since ages Also for boats. Should this be changed ?
  12. Hello Cody, overhead currently not counted in the system. They have been once, a few years ago in beta, but never implemented again.
  13. Hello Mick, please, be so kind and post fi all is finished. Thank you
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