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  1. Hello Zora^^ Spurness is GTFO hub since ages Also for boats. Should this be changed ?
  2. Hello Cody, overhead currently not counted in the system. They have been once, a few years ago in beta, but never implemented again.
  3. Hello Mick, please, be so kind and post fi all is finished. Thank you
  4. please be so kind and submit the form. tahnk you
  5. pülease be so kind and submit the form. thank you
  6. please be so kind and submit the form with slurl etc, thank you
  7. Hello Peter ^^ sorry, but we can not approve this hub now. For following reasons: build/rez is not enabled for everybody Parcel needs therefor to be set on a landgroup. Currently only you can rez there. The landing is routed below of the ground airfield. a landing either on upper airfield or ground, with a teleporter will be appreciated. Teleporter should have destination names on buttons. Thank you Joan
  8. Hello Kelli, sorry, but the parcel is on group-access (banlines up) ^^
  9. had a look to the hub locations ? your place is since 24 hrs for large helicopters. about chinook. it will also find now cargo. the old sizing which is currently in force has only 3 size. that is a reason we will change to more. but we have to resize all hubs first, manual. that is the reason i will lock up this topic now.
  10. hello leal, hub is registered. but we discovered again a sorting issue in the hud and/or any database which is in investigation. therefor i have added, for now, "J" (for Jeogeot) in front of the hub name. it need be there. in any other case it will lead by "find hubs" in your hud and chooseing the "map" always to region strata, regardless if you push for brouwer.
  11. hello leal, please post if it is finished. thank you
  12. well, the overhanging tail was never the issue. but, everybody has its own point of "what fits"
  13. hello lucifyra, i had another look into the config of your airport. curretly we have 3 sizes. judge large by the sa skycrane, which does not fit. your airport is already measured for new sizing, which has 5 sizes and includes the chinook for there.
  14. hi madit, sorry, but on this slurl i fond nothing which looks like a logistic center.
  15. made some investigations by naming of the hubs with different combinations. finally use the region name first and the related buttons shows always the right region on worldmap. tested from very different locations. if one of them not showing in "find hubs" sit in a vehicle supported by the destination, and it shows the proper destination in worldmap.we will keep a eye on this. thanks for bring it to our attention
  16. hell sblaim, your hub is proper configured according the valid sizing.
  17. hello sonic, a slurl will be very helpful. thank you
  18. Hi North, no second name placed. "Southern Cross" is taken.
  19. current slurl leads exact to this position (same like in landmark i posted) if you use the hud to get a slurl, it will lead you usually to the center of a region. there is currently no separating by parcel, you need to adjust the landing manual in map hub is registered for boats "s" size by the current sizing. this will change by the new sizing.
  20. Welcome, there are carts for GTFO. Creator is Marine Kelley vehicles for GTFO oyu find here https://sl-gtfo.com/vc.php
  21. hi Jonny, just detach and reattach the hud at arrival.
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