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  1. Please note, VAPI-codes start with X- wherre former test codes. They have been deactivated more than a year ago. It is the creators responsibility to have a updated code in their builds if they are "no mod" For the actual VAPI check out in our database https://sl-gtfo.com/vehicle-creators/ or asked in our support group secondlife:///app/group/0de2c89b-6213-91e0-c0a5-6936fd1201e6/about And please, make sure your HUD is version 1.8.3 and higher. If redevlivery dont work http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bruissac/110/57/36, please contact Cinn secondlife:///app/agent/463e65e4-fe01-4e25-9d0c-8dcc64b4373b/about Happy GTFOing
  2. hello cody, thanks the request, please, be so kind and submit the complete form as per template. thank you, greetings joan
  3. hello Catriona, thank you the request. i have vbisit your hub. Please have build enabled, that people can use as start location. Greetings
  4. hello Matteo, thank you the hub request. I have been at your location. Please have a rez/build enabled parcel or rezzone, that fits for the desired vehicles. that people can use your place also as start location. Thank you
  5. Hello Soul, thank you the request. Please, be so kind and have build/rez enable, that people can use as startpoint as well. Thank oyu Greetings Joan
  6. Hello Soul, thank you the request. seaplane is ok, but how boats enter ? I see every possible waterway is blocked by builds. Greeting Joan
  7. hello max, gridtalkie you find here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tridens/122/243/77 it is a gridwide radio system working independent from groupschannels. used for contact atc, as interanl communication for groups etc.
  8. hello valentinian, regarding this VAPI code they showe. That code was a testcode. They have been deactivated more than a year ago. Creators where informed and this was posted. Please befor any purchase, check our database at https://sl-gtfo.com/vehicle-creators/ It is the creators responsibility to update to a valid code or API in their builds if they sell them "no mod" For mre info and assistance you can also asked in our inworld support group secondlife:///app/group/0de2c89b-6213-91e0-c0a5-6936fd1201e6/about kind regards Joan
  9. ma-220 and 727-100C cargo hold size to medium, which is comparable to rl sizeing and the much bigger 757 and dc-10, which are large
  10. as already mentioned, the dc-10 has to be accomodated for large airport. in a proper way ! and moved this topic to "edit hubs" as your airport is already registered as hub
  11. hallo Kagurazaka, please be so kind and copy paste the complete form to your hub requests.
  12. Hello Kagurazaka, this is a dead MP-link. Please contact the creator if there have been updates recently. Greetings
  13. Hello Max, thank you. As soon you have finished building, let me know kind regards Joan
  14. hello max, thank you for the request. Please, be so kind and submit the complete form as per template Thank you. I have been at your place. Apart from a prim looks like a dock, it is empty. For boats it will maximum for medium. Anything else i can not judge. Please complete your building and let me know. For any consulting, contact me inworld. Online status etc you see in the main GTFO group Get The FREIGHT Out! (GTFO!) secondlife:///app/group/0de2c89b-6213-91e0-c0a5-6936fd1201e6/about
  15. Hello Lale, the amphibious part of this hub, belong to the public Telea Rez Zone. With kind regards Joan Moleno
  16. hello nikoli, about your report for axon ap. I have checked the database and could make 2 deliveries from other airports to your destination. regardless, I have loaded again to the database. please, if any issues again, let me know the version of your hud,, start/load airport with slurl, vehicle (copy past the gtfo-api message from local chat when sit/rez the aircraft). thank you
  17. hello witchy, i am about to make your parcel a gtfo hub. but, at current state, most vehicles will have difficulties to enter the parcel. with current hud it is not a big deal, they drop the cargo just on the street, as the whole region count as a hub. but for next generation of hud it count by parcel. if you need any kind of deco or skysigns, please visit this location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acrocorinth/187/17/90 you will find there all available free items which are available. thank you, take care
  18. hello mark, I am about to make your parcel a gtfo. but please, have rez enabled. supposed for small boats and seaplanes. please leave me a msg inworld or in the forum. thank you
  19. Hello Barcona, sadly hear this. It was a pleasure to have you as a hubowner and wish oyu all the best in the future and that things go better again. See you around
  20. hello angie, sorry, but i aborted the registration. never got any response and requirements (see up) are not matched. please, do a new hub request, if you still interested. thank you
  21. hello aki or wanda, please, be so kind and post when the airport is operatiuonal and fill in, the form below. thank you SL Account name: SL Display name: Own or rent proposed hub location: (Private estate land must have land manager approval) SLURL of the requested hub: Requested name of hub to show in HUD: MAX 26 characters (letters, numbers, spaces, or hyphens only) Second name request in case first is taken or unable to be used: Type of hub (Choose all that apply): Airplanes Helicopters (includes lighter than air) Boats Seaplanes (land on water and get to your hub) Road Rail If road, which route: If airport, what elevation: (Must be under 500 meters)
  22. Hello Skittles^^ have assigned you also to the Hub-Provider role. By this you have access to their sections. Take care
  23. hello angie^^ i am at your location. please, be so kind and have build and scripts enable. thank you
  24. Hello Sharky, DeNasty aggreed that Shark Township appear as destination in the HUD. Changes is done. Greetings Joan
  25. Hello Peter, i was visitng your place a few times not. There has been nothing changed, still the same issues. i will close this request. As soon you have made the required setup, please , be so kind and fill in a new request. Thank you Joan
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