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  1. Welcome, there are carts for GTFO. Creator is Marine Kelley vehicles for GTFO oyu find here https://sl-gtfo.com/vc.php
  2. hi Jonny, just detach and reattach the hud at arrival.
  3. solved, now shows also upo outside of region brouwer
  4. this account i asked as well who owns it, as i banned one of the bots from same company and she was wondering why. they had at this time no info in profile, but claimed to do survey for gtfo and others. i requested her to place infos about owner, company, what they survey etc in profil, otherwise will be banned regardless what they claim.
  5. NOTICE: Pini Steam Station on Route 1 and Stryker Siding SLRR Rez Zone
  6. Hello Reynard, sure it will not work, it need a update as you see in the free version. Please got to the redelivery at the follwoing place http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bruissac/97/56/36 touch the GTFO Vendor and choose in menu "redelivery". If it is not listed there, contact Cinn Bouchard (CinnamonMousse) by IM and she will send you one. We suiggest to join the Get The FREIGHT Out! (GTFO!) secondlife:///app/group/0de2c89b-6213-91e0-c0a5-6936fd1201e6/about for upcoming new features, news and support by the community in case of questions. thank you
  7. SL account name: (Must be current owner / renter of the hub) Joan Moleno SL display name: SLURL of hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pan Suong/128/128/8 Reason for edit: (Name change / updating size or type of vehicle / ect.) Name of region needs to be changed from PanSuong to: Pan Suong how it is currently writen it does not exist
  8. registered for medium planes, large heli, medium boats and seaplanes. Road is route 5. You may build a dock which fits to the "historical style" of this road. Moles get upset if you mess their builds No railroad, cargo will be carried by others to next railstation.
  9. Hello Gothica, been at your location. Please, be so kind and have a small rezzone available, that people can also start from here. Thank you
  10. Joan Moleno

    hub not found

    kicked the server. working now
  11. All VAPI for S&W, search for Tig Spijkers, you find on this link https://sl-gtfo.com/vc.php As well, the SLURL to her demos and inworld store. MP is a bad place to make any search, because creators tend to not update just text, if there is not a major update of the product itself.
  12. hello Ven, i had a look in the area. Please, be so kind and make a hub request Shark-Town in region Ranunculus at route 2 and remarks for the "additional notes". Thank you
  13. new parcel owner set there a 10 sec orb. removed region as hub. contacted airfield owner if they like to become their airfield a hub
  14. this hub is listed as per request by the owners / managers of this place good luck by going with a vessel to "airtol hill" but the harbor they supposed to have at region "dfiafall". road hub is "quetlly tuesday", airport facilities at "boing"
  15. RON Filling Stationb is hub since a long time
  16. Curieuse Isle - Unity North Oxa Centre. Removed as hub. New owner
  17. George, hub is set for small helis, not for large ones size infos you find here: https://sl-gtfo.com/hub-locations/
  18. hello, if you have a airfield, please request a edit of hub. thank oyu
  19. registered as rail hub. when a place for helicopter is found, please leave a "edi request" in this forum. thank you
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