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Found 12 results

  1. i want to change my hub from sim taerae to the sim dasom and than only road on this moment al zises of cars and trucks no boats ore airplanes ore helicopters on this moment is partial done but wil be done this weekend for trafic
  2. SL account name: matti.adamski SL display name: Matthias Adamski SLURL of hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pavet/171/219/85 Reason for edit: HUB will be closed during the next days.
  3. SL account name: Eowyn Southmoor SL Display name: as above SLURL : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sabra/41/88/83 Reason for removal: Discovered no longer there.
  4. Hi, Bedos Airfield (or Airfiled as it says on the hud ) seems to have gone. Belongs to a property group since March 2. SL account name: Not sure of original owner - Mine is - Boo Rojyo SL Display name: Not sure of original owner - Mine is - Ŧнє βÓÒ SLURL : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bedos/128/128/32 Reason for removal: Discovered no longer there
  5. Name: Yorkie Bardeen SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wood Blewit/226/7/21 Reason: Land is sold and now private.
  6. I have put up Dansim for sale this is a full sim less the Linden roads that cross and intersect it, 57840 m2. I am asking $110,000L thats roughly 1.9L per m2, I am willing to listen to reasonable offers, please IM me inworld to talk about that. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dansim/220/187/45 I have had a active GTFO! depot there and its still up till it sells or is taken down. I love this land its a good location without being over crowded as some mainland is getting.
  7. Went for a GTFO and no place to land anymore today. Looks like their gone. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plontafus/180/126/30
  8. I'm vacating my hub at Kirkby this week... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kirkby/37/50/22 Keeping my hub at Edge Walker though. If anyone wants to rent the parcel it's only 525L a week for 922 prims and 2688m² land. With access to protected water it's good value I feel. Not me renting it out. Check land for details if interested.
  9. new parcel owner set there a 10 sec orb. removed region as hub. contacted airfield owner if they like to become their airfield a hub
  10. Curieuse Isle - Unity North Oxa Centre. Removed as hub. New owner
  11. SL account name: RoxyCyn SL Display name: RoxyCyn SLURL : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/aux Cedres/35/222/22 Reason for removal: I've been waiting several months for my VAPI codes. I've been told several times that they'd be done "...the next day...", "...tomorrow...", "...in the next hour...", "...next week...", "...tonight..." and so forth. Yet, to-date I only have 1 code out of 6 requested. I've spent L$26K so far on tier for my boat store where the GTFO! HUB is located on the Aux Cedres island with no income from selling the GTFO! vehicles, because I have no codes to work with. In addition to that expense, there's also been L$80K spent on a private region for a GTFO! vehicle store location on a private sim, L$50K on parts & materials specific to the GTFO! vehicles I'm building, not to mention hundreds of hours spent writing new vehicle scripts & building/testing 6 vehicles with no VAPI codes to use for them. I can no longer continue paying these expenses for tier on a location that is not generating any income to pay for it from GTFO! vehicle sales. The GTFO! HUB is located there for everyone to use & yet I can't even get the VAPI codes in order to complete my vehicles to cover these costs by vehicle sales. I jumped into this full on with both feet because I thought this would be a fun & exciting way to get new vehicles to market, but instead it's been only frustration. Hence, I can no longer afford to keep paying tier on something to which there is no benefit for me. I am closing the store & HUB on Aux Cedres for these reasons, effective immediately. I'm sorry it came to this, but money is money. I'll cut my losses & close it down. Sorry this didn't work out better for all of us. There's plenty of other HUBs out there, so this won't be missed by anyone. Thank you.
  12. Is now Majville. The new owner is open to people visiting but the nature of the area has changed a lot My observations after a brief chat with the owner: boats, sea planes, and prop planes up to small ships - not sure they want giant container ships rolling in but it looks good for stuff up to Luxe sized. The alternative is to remove the hub from GTFO, because the existing one is gone. The avatar I spoke to is Majes Swansong (majesv4.resident) if anyone official wants to check with them. land is again marked for sale removal as hub, region Xobite
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