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alyona su

Damnsim Cross - in the boonies

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So I decided to move and shopped around and then I've been loving GTFO since forever ago and finally wanted to have a HUB. I have a cargo yard (by road) because it was across the street from an AWESOME railyard (and so already had a HUB in the sim). But that land sold off (and the new owner still hasn't done anything even though the ripped out the rail yard) ūüėē

So I decided to move and thus shopped around for a good place to plop a truck depot. Then I spotted a nice plot of land where there are no HUBs whatsoever, and even quite a distance away from the nearest ones AND there are zero GTFO anything (or even static display depots of any sort). AND I thought wow, why not? This would be an amazingly fun drive the get into and out of! So I bought it and set it all up and now it's HUBified!

I wish to introduce DAMNSIM CROSS Cargo Service, Inc, LLC, Corp, Sole Proprietorship. (laffs)

It is located on Inner Lake Road (so remote even the Lindens never bothered to name it!) on the south side of the Heterocera inner atoll lake. This is one adventurous drive folks!

Accessible by road and Helicopter, with a helipad on the floor so there is room for all sizes and even Blimps (best to come in from the east so your tail doesn't crunch our office building). Als has Infinity "Logs" stack and "Connex" stack (4 stacks) so there's a fun reason to come visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Murinata/232/152/80

Here's a 360¬ļ picture (click-and-drag):


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I tried to get there today but underestimated the length of the drive by a lot.  Also .. sim crossing issues, of course.  Possibly rectified although that area seems particularly harsh.  Will try again, maybe from closer though!

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