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What's Up - from Cinn - an Open Letter to the GTFO Community

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An Open Letter to the GTFO community

Hi Freighter Nation!

Yes, I am still here, well, sort of here. And yes, I still care very much about our GTFO community. First, I was gone on vacation, a very needed break from stress and from all technology. Now that I am back from the wilderness, I am moving. I will be in Germany staying with family for almost a year. Packing never goes as fast as I have planned, so I’m packing and checking baggage weights right up until I fly out this coming Thursday. I took a cheap flight with long layovers, so I arrive in Germany on Saturday. It takes me a few days to get my day and night straight after intercontinental flights. But you should start seeing me on more about a week from now. My plan is to be on once a day, typically in my evening time which I think is 9 hours ahead of SL time.

Why on so little? Because for me to make headway with GTFO, I am re-learning how to do stuff I used to do, like php and MySQL to make the website. We’ve been brainstorming ideas for the v2 GTFO hud. I think you will like them (when I finally get them done!!). Lately, while I have been packing and visiting friends and family before I move, it seems like I have the opposite of the Midas touch. Everything I touch breaks! Like the GTFO forum site. I’ve been working with their tech support between traveling to see friends and family before I leave. The forum is working again!! Now that our forum site is fixed, I will post in a Dev Blog section to keep everyone updated on what’s coming, and how things are progressing toward having the next thing accomplished. There will be a different area of the forums to ask questions, too. In my posts you will be able to read more specifics on what’s happening with our sl-gtfo.com website, an expected timeline, and more.

The very cool Halloween GTFO & Drivers of SL event is still on track for the 3rd weekend in October. The vehicle given away at the end of that drive is one made specifically for the event, and GTFO enabled, too. There is so much to do that I have to be out of SL to get much work done on it. There are a few people who have direct access to me and can reach me any time. Syler is your best bet if you are not hearing back from me when you send me an offline IM and have something that really needs attention. I do look forward to being back in the saddle, making the new v2.0 hud. Yes, I remember the website needs to be fixed. *soon* and I remember the coming changes with the server as well. It means so much to me to hear from you, some volunteering to help, some encouraging, some sharing ideas or things that need to be addressed. Please hang in there with me as I figure out how to fix things that are broken and which things to do first to move GTFO forward.

Happy GTFOing!



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