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Eowyn Southmoor

Generic Air-Sea-Road Vapi

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YOUR SL Account name:   Eowyn Southmoor

Vehicle creator SL Display name:   N/A

Broken VAPI?:   No
Name of vehicle:   N/A

Additional comments:

I'd like to suggest the addition of 3 generic Vapi codes as listed below:

GTFO!Air01  : for Aircraft, Seaplanes, Helicopters.

GTFO!Sea01 : for motor or sail boats, submarines etc

GTFO!Road01 : for cars, trucks, tanks etc


Firstly, there is a huge range of vehicles out there in SL, all of varying quality and popularity, and as such it's likely that some of us current users (or future users) might have at least one vehicle in their inventory that is somewhat capable of being used for GTFO, but currently has no Vapi.  However, in my opinion, expecting the GTFO team to add a unique Vapi for every single mod vehicle that might be usable for GTFO is, I think, a little bit unreasonable, being both time consuming, plus (I assume) filling the database with a lot of codes for vehicles that might only rarely ever get used.

Secondly, as we have seen, when builders make new vehicles for GTFO, there is often some delay before a vapi code is released for them.

So, considering there is already a generic Train vapi in the system which allows any user to grab a free train and start enjoying GTFO, I believe adding the above 3 extra generic codes would be of great benefit.

Obviously the freight capacity would be quite limited, I'd say no more than 10 packages for any of these codes (up to discussion), so the likelihood of someone using them to cheat the system would be minimal, plus I feel that most of us play GTFO for the fun rather than trying to specifically make the most G$ or earn the most xp.

These codes would also allow newly released vehicles to be used for GTFO immediately, giving the GTFO team a chance to look at the vehicle and determine its freight capacity without being rushed. I personally think that, over time, it would also save the team from implementing a large amount of codes that are likely only to used by 2 or 3 people at most. I personally probably have around 15 GTFO capable vehicles that don;t have a Vapi code, but I know that in reality, I might be the only person to use some of these vehicles, which is why I've never requested them to be added. Many of us have inventories full of vehicles, so it's likely I'm not the only one in this situation.


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3 hours ago, Eowyn Southmoor said:



I think this is an excellent idea for a 'stop gap' solution, and also as a way for designers to test their products before release.  I am currently working on a large helicopter that I have no intention of selling (Customer Care is for the Byrds), but would like to use it in GTFO when it's done.  Right now that means waiting 3 months for Cinn to catch up (not a criticism Cinn, just an observation of the complexities you face)

Can we add:  GTFO!Amphib01 : for hovercraft and other road/water craft etc

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It's a great idea. Can I maybe suggest one tweak to - break each code up into 01, 02, and 03 (e.g. GTFO!Air01, GTFO!Air02, etc.) for small, medium, and large rather than one generic "one size fits all" limit.

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