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Reynard Malthus

HUD no longer works

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Heyo! I haven't been able to use GTFO for some time now, because my HUD is broken, it seems. My progress has been reset, and hubs never interact with me when I'm there. My vehicles are recognized by the HUD, but that's about it, unfortunately. Even the Find Hubs button doesn't show anything for me.

I would try to have a new one redelivered, but I bought this through the Marketplace.


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Hello Reynard, sure it will not work, it need a update as you see in the free version. Please got to the redelivery at the follwoing place


touch the GTFO Vendor and choose in menu "redelivery". If it is not listed there, contact Cinn Bouchard (CinnamonMousse) by IM and she will send you one.

We suiggest to join the Get The FREIGHT Out! (GTFO!)  


for upcoming new features, news and support by the community in case of questions.

thank you

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7 hours ago, Carter Davidov said:

Exact same issue, here. Been away from SL for a while. Confusing when HUD says its up to date but doesn't work


It was definitely out-of-date for me, even though it said otherwise. Cinn sent me a new one straight away though.

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