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Clear GTFO! Process Documentation

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May I please make a plea for the GTFO! team to publish clear, transparent, and up to date, processes for us to follow?

Looking at what we have for HUB requests as a good example.  We have --

  1. New HUB Requests.
  2. Edit Existing HUB.
  3. HUB Removal.
  4. Completed HUB Requests.

 -- sections here on the forums, so we all know where we are with HUB changes.  Joan Moleno also sends out Completed HUB requests by Groupnote.

But there are other processes that affect GTFO!, Staff, Operators, Vehicle Creators & Modifiers, and HUB Providers, that need the same treatment.  The most obvious example is the VAPI processes.

If there is a clear process, and every active request or change has a well defined place in the process, everyone knows where they are, and worry and insecurity are removed.

It doesn't really matter if a process is complicated, or has a lot of steps, or needs the input of several people, as long as it is clear what the process is, and where each topic or item passing though it is.

It's a bit like a Freight Company.  If it doesn't know where your package is, it can't answer questions like 'when will it get there?'.
This all sounds like a criticism of Cinn, Syler, and their great volunteer team, but it isn't. They are doing a hard job without pay, and I really appreciate every one of them for the fun they give us.  I'm trying to help, honest.  But 'Shut up Anna' is an acceptable answer.

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Replying to this here since it follows the same train of thought.

The most common issue I run into when introducing someone to GTFO or helping them is simply that there are NO instructions included when you buy it.

I realise there's online videos and this forum, but the first point of call for anyone who buys the HUD (indeed any item in SL and RL for that matter) is to read the bloody manual - a bit hard in this case when none is supplied.  Can I suggest that we look at putting in a simple set of instructions explaining how the hud works, and how to add cargo to your mod vehicle. I'd be more than happy to assist in this if needed.

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