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Payne N. Uranus

Friti in da house!

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Okay, ignore the title, I promise I will never say that kind of silliness again.

Anyway, a little/short introduction of yours truly:

My name is Fritigern Gothly, I am 49 in RL, but don't look a day over 21 in SL 🙂

I am currently playing GTFO! using the trial HUD and am enjoying myself a lot. I've found that I don't care about G$ or XP, all I care about is getting the cargo from A to B on time and do it in a boat that I find as comfortable to pilot as possible.
My current boat is a Michie Marine water taxi with the Michie Marine Mekong cruiser VAPI (the only MM vehicle in the DB at the moment). I find that the water taxi handles exactly the way I like, both on small canals, as well as on open sea. It's fast but maneuverable at lower speeds too.

I am kinda waiting for the whole vehicle and hub resizing thing to be finished so that the I can submit other Michie Marine vehicles (land, sea and air) and have VAPIs created for them as well and not feel bad for piling on the load for the team 🙂

I hope that one day, I can do some single-package courier work on this cutie. And I mean the vehicle, not the girl!
Don't be fooled by looks, this mini jetski is fast and maneuverable, and the view from behind is magnificent! 🙂

Jetski mini Swan


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Well, I haven't VAPI'ed the little swan just yet because it would feel a bit cheaty to me to be able to carry 200FU on that tiny thing.
So for now, this is my boat although I would like to try a larger one someday so I can do greater distances.

Note that neither pic is of me, I stole the pics off the MP 🙂

MM WaterTaxi

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