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Payne N. Uranus

Destinations to be reconsidered

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I think it would be a good idea to reconsider certain destinations.

I went to Dogbone Island (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coral Waters/105/89/24) in my boat (Trans-ZZ-Port by and picked up a cargo for Acacia.

Most of the trip went well, but then there were completely blocked regions where I had to cheat my way around.

As some point I didn't notice that I was approaching ban lines and I was tossed back and my boat got returned to me. There were no rez zones anywhere near, so I started to fly around looking for a rez spot, and as a result got ejected by 0-second orbs left and right and at some point I even got orbitted by an archaic (and IIRC illegal) security system.

I finally found a spot to rez my boat, then cheated it back to Acacia where I had expected some kind of build, but there was nothing, not a single prim.

I delivered my cargo more frustrated than I have ever been whilst playing GTFO.


Please do NOT send boats to Acacia. It only leads to frustration. Planes could prolly more-or-less safely drop off cargo, land vehicles may be able to get there, but boats should not be sent there for the sake of sanity and good moods.

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Acacia is a protected water region and looks like it should have been a drop zone. It's probably just an error.

My advice in group chat still stands. If you have not made a delivery to a place before, check the route before taking the job. The system is not able to validate path-finding at all.

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