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Catrìona Bòideach

Vapi no longer works

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YOUR SL Account name: Solstrice Resident

Vehicle creator SL Display name: Solstrice Bòideach

Name of vehicle: LLAUTS MARINER macarena GTFO delivery 1

Marketplace link to vehicle: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LLAUTS-MARINER-macarena-GTFO-delivery-1/14233020

Type of vehicle (Choose ONE

  • Boats

Additional Comments : Looks to have an old VAPI installed - GTFO!X-GLTESTAPI


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Hi Catriona, 

Thank you for bringing thi sup. Any VAPI with X- will no longer work. The X- used to be a "sort of beta test" option. When we moved to the new server, Keif created 3 parallel databases for GTFO. One of them is the full BETA test environment. We got rid of all X- codes as VAPIs at that point. 

When I can get on SL, I will see what is needed so the vehicle has a current, correct VAPI. 


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