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Fish Trawling.. ?

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Posted (edited)

Fish trawling would be a fun mini game and expand on the play styles. 

  • Player gets load request to be delivered at X hub
  • On the way to drop off location, the fisherman uses 'Cast Net' to pick up fish.
  • Each sim would have a maximum of 1-3 barrels of fish that can be caught (or maximum # of barrels = # of vowels in the sim name?).
  • Each cast takes 1 minute.
  • Size on the net determines how much fish is caught each cast (size of boat to determine net size, or use G$ to buy bigger nets).
  • After the player gets the amount of fish barrels filled the job requested, they can deliver to X hub.

This would probably require a longer delivery timer as well for this cargo type.

Can also have different fish types requested for jobs too down the road.

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