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Sorinsen Hub Request

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SL Account name: peters75

SL Display name:·  Ᵽєтєʀ мℓłҡчώαч Gαlαхy · 


SLURL of the requested hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sorinsen/233/157/77

Requested name of hub to show in HUD: SMILLA CARGO

Second name request in case first is taken or unable to be used: SEARCH n RESCUE

Type of hub (Choose all that apply): 

  • Airplanes
  • Helicopters (includes lighter than air)


If airport, what elevation: 100m


Runway is 36. Recommended to approach from south. If you are a daredevil try approach via "safe" hub. 


medium airport near UNGREN safe hub. crowded at times. check the aircraft elevator(phys)  to transfer to the lower deck. down there is a new interpretation of "haus am horn" which is a BAUHAUS classic. spacer.png  

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Hello Peter ^^

sorry, but we can not approve this hub now.

For following reasons: build/rez is not enabled for everybody Parcel needs therefor to be set on a landgroup. Currently only you can rez there.

The landing is routed below of the ground airfield. a landing either on upper airfield or ground, with  a teleporter will be appreciated. Teleporter should have destination names on buttons.

Thank you


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