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Introduction: RoxyCyn

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Hello everyone.  I'm a GTFO! operator & SL content creator building motorcycles & powerboats here in SL from the same store location for over 6 years.  I have 2 homestead regions connected in which I build, test & sell Moto Bazzi motorcycles, powerboats & mesh parts as well as a 1/4 homestead parcel for boat sales on the Coastal Waterway (soon to be a new GTFO! hub) near the Taurua Fiji Islands north of the Blake Sea.   I do have a MarketPlace presence, mostly so people can find me if they are really into MP, however my sales are primarily in-world with demos on-location.  Moto Bazzi has recently completed 4 GTFO! specific vehicles that will be available as soon as Cinn gets settled-in her new RL move & sends me the VAPI codes & the hub application process gets fixed.  There will be new GTFO! compatible products added soon that are very easy to drive & handle sim crossings smoothly using my own proprietary engine scripts (No KCP/ACS engines here).  If you see me out testing something in-world or hauling a load for GTFO! give a shout-out.  And, most of all, go out yourself and have some fun!  See you on the grid.

Moto Bazzi GTFO Cargo prototype.jpg

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