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Boo Rojyo

Larsson Mainlander Jeepster - Vapi doesn't work

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YOUR SL Account name: Boo Rojyo  Display name: Ŧнє βÓÒ

Vehicle creator SL Display name: Lisle Larsson

Broken VAPI? 
LLJEEP  is the vapi given but doesn't seem to work

Name of vehicle: Larsson Mainlander Jeepster

Marketplace link to vehicle: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Amazing-Road-Holding-Off-Roading-Mainlander-Jeepster-For-GTFO/14434137

Type of vehicle: Road

Additional comments:

Larsson Ultra by the same creator seems to work fine still ( LLULTRA )

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I sent you a message in world Boo.  Would you please contact me when you log in later?  

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Issue was due to a slightly different version of the vehicle I had for texturing purposes. it had the GTFO LLJEEP box in conents BUT, and I only just spotted this, it had no API script, something I didn't originally look for when I saw the Vapi box there in contents amongst all the rest. Doh!

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