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diamond Marchant

Hunter XSTOL vs. LC001, is this right?

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When i get cargo from Diamond Cove in the Hunter LC001 (vapi HUNTERLC01) which is 16 FU, I get Courier runs. When I get cargo in my Hunter XSTOL float plane (vapi HUNTERXSTOLFLT) which is 12 FU, I get Freight runs. Seems like it should be the other way around. Also, does one ever get an option of either a courier run or a freight run? Just wondering.


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I don't think I have anything that offers a choice of courier or freight, just offers one of those. I'm not sure if there is anything that will do both, there might be, but I don't have it 🙂 

I get the choice of air drops or freight runs in a plane & heli I have though, so I guess the system can offer other options.

I think the way things are rated for FU will be all changing soon,  to help handle the huge number of vehicle options there are now. Some of the earlier ratings were a bit estimated and pre-date the days of things being measured by Kittensusie, so the longer something has been in the system, the more likely the FU might be a bit wayward.

aka Atomic Infinity.   Builder & scripter behind the Infinity Freight range of vehicles and navigation HUDS, with GTFO! features built-in.



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