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Wisdom d'Avi

Hello Operators

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Posted (edited)

Obviously I am new here so hello one and all!

I have a friend who has been promoting GTFO to me for ages but for some reason or other I have not had the time until now. So looking forward to learning and having a great time.

I converted my H92 into a hawler. Yes I know the paint job kind of tacky but a girl's gotta start somewhere :).

Wis d'Avi

marked channel at dura_006.png

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welcome 🙂

your hellybopper looks like it can carry some good freight, hope you have fun GTFO-ing 🙂 

aka Atomic Infinity.   Builder & scripter behind the Infinity Freight range of vehicles and navigation HUDS, with GTFO! features built-in.



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Hi Claire,

Thank you I have a couple of more to convert; The Osprey and Albatross. Just wish i could find custom paints for them.

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