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Jazzimus Maxwell

Bellisseria (Belly) REZ and GFS finder HUD info...

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Greetings Drivers and GTFO'ers - Today we would like to announce the addition of the FREE  Bellisseria (Belly) rez and GFS (Global Fuel System) finder HUD made by Aleksandr String to HQ here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bruissac/107/68/36 and 

The tool and GFS info has also been added to the Wiki here : https://driversofsl.fandom.com/wiki/Helpful_Driving_Tools

More info on the GFS system can be found here : http://wiki.ntbigroup.com/index.php?title=Global_Fuel_System

------- Belly REZ/GFS finder HUD -------------

Uses notecards with spots coordinates to find a closest one for you.
Please don't write too many lines in notecards or loading and sorting times will annoy you.
Try to use about 40-60 lines per notecard.
Amount of notecards is restricted to 12 (yeah because i'm lazy to write dialog with pages code).

HUD BUTTONS descriptions ( from left to right )
1) Choose previous spot
2) Show spot on global map and in chat to teleport
3) Choose next spot
4) Teleport to spot (permission to teleport must be granted)
5) Load notecard dialog
6) Reset hud

Load and Reset buttons always work

Bellisseria REZ notecard is default notecard HUD starts with because HUD was created for Bellisseria
continent as travelers unfriendly area. If you will remove or rename it you will get error but reset and load dialog will work anyway.

--------- Get spot coordinates HUD --------

Simple one button showing some info about place you are standing on in local chat.

String usually looks like:
Baxby Gulf*<262144,245504,0>*<252.99630, 64.11195, 22.25008>

Copy/paste a string to your notecard.

---------------Get new sim data HUD----------------------------------
by Tatjia

Simple single button to help you to check if sim was renamed - useful for sims like SSPEXXX

Just copy/paste sim info from notecard like: SSPE228*<262912,246528,0>*<18.00000, 112.00000, 29.49022>
and you will get new sim info with old or new sim name like: BLAHBLAH*<262912,246528,0>*<18.00000, 112.00000, 29.49022>


Please share your notecards with others in the DSL and GTFO group.

Thanks to Eowyn Southmoor and Tatjia for help in filling Bellisseria notecards.

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